Working with Transmutation

531754_380275865405095_1370125295_n - Version 2Sharing a couple of videos here by a woman who participated in one of my earlier ascension groups.  Wow that seems lifetimes ago!

That group was an online community that provided some connection with others who were navigating the exponentially amped-up energies and experiences which are part and parcel of this experience I typically refer to as our ascension.

We are moving into far more rarified fields of the cosmos that involve profound transformations in how we perceive and participate in life itself… I’ll call it the Truth of Life Itself here, as our planet has been locked into a false matrix created by occult consciousness that had (well, still has) an agenda of feeding off the stress energies that generate from being chained into a system not of our true essence and not benevolent.

Following is Meg Benedicte presenting at the recent Conscious Life Expo in LA. The video includes a visualization process that might serve you. Numerous references rang for me re: my own experiences and understandings. I’m including the graphic of the lotus & light above as one I use to visualize “receiving” the light (as is mentioned in the process) that you might find helpful.

(There’s also an interruption in the middle of this talk by an irate attendee in her audience, demonstrating the stress this whole ordeal of extreme duality can bring up in people. “Contents under pressure!” Interesting to note, then let go and move into Meg’s process.)

Also adding this short video of Meg’s from last year, as a bit more for you to add to your ‘gestault’ if you like:

I advise working with processes like the one Meg offers to help you gain a bit of control over your experiences… which can be especially rough for sensitives & empaths who FEEL it all so much more acutely and personally (“inside”) than the general public tends to. Work like this can help assuage feelings of being buffeted about by forces beyond yourself.

I have my own tailored version; feel free to “massage” anything offered by others into one that feels a fit for yourself!

May you be blessed… Whitehawk




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