Meditation, Entanglement & Political Climates

Bodhivastu+Logo+Stupa+Only.pngThere’s something molecular or quantum about humans.  Each human individual has an immense potential for structuring the universe all within themselves.

One can even go so far as to say that if only one individual reaches the ultimate in complete self-recognition, that there is almost nothing that cannot be influenced towards the positive in our entire universe.

We call the fact that this process works, “The four miraculous activities of Awakened Ones,” more commonly known as the four Buddha activities.

Entanglement happens when our minds particularize, obscure and judge.  Everything becomes particulate at that moment. Space fragments and separates into compartments.  There is nothing wrong with that but there is another side to the universe.

When we do not particularize, when we do not focus on the particles of life, we can expand into the vast.  And the vast can again become borne into the particulate if we wish.  So mastery of the entanglement which normally causes us so much grief can also be the method to heal ills.

When very highly accomplished meditation masters pass away, they often leave only hair and fingernails.  They simply radiate out as light.  This process, which can take an average of anywhere from seven to twenty one days, is called “Thug Dam,”or “remaining in the heart of meditation.”  [I’ve heard this referred to as attaining the rainbow body ~ Whitehawk]

Meditation disciples who attend to their masters during their passing in such a manner understand that many activities are being performed by such beings at that time such as the decrease of turbulence, pacification of the seeds of warfare, increase in merit, wealth, prosperity and well-being, controlling unruly forces by magnetism, and then finally, eradication of malignant or badly unaligned or disharmonious energies by liberation.

So when we think, “There is nothing significant I can do in this mess we find ourselves and our planet in,” you should consider a few things:

  1. That it is us who got us into this mess.  We have proven some power right there.
  2. Accumulative effects are still effects.  They are slow but they eventually display clearly.
  3. One being breaking through ignorance with wisdom and compassion can have a far reaching effect far above what any limited being can even conceive of.
  4. That being could be you.
  5. That being could be you today.
  6. That being could be you right now.

Be mindful of what thoughts you choose to nurture.  Worlds and all their qualities are emanated from thought.

Be mindful of what you say.  Speech is the vibratory bridge between thought and reality.  Speech is the pathway through which thought becomes matter.

Be mindful of what actions you take. What you see in front of you is all a result of the past. It is the shadow of the doppler effect.  What you do now seeds the taste of future displays.

Finally, understand that the heart of love and kindness is the key for any of this to work.  

So please, do not underestimate the power of our most miraculous continuums. And if this resonates, then look into the matter day and night until you are satisfied with the truth of it.  Until you have actualized this.

-Lama Rangbar Nyima Ozer



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