Vivid Encounter with Parallel Plane

woodruff-radial-concord-on-cold-spring.jpgI’ve made the choice to share this man’s unique and detailed experience … which was not only a wide-awake  “bleedthrough” of a curious realm, but his attempts to interact with it  pique our curiosity even more while taking in George’s story (below). George initially communicated this experience to Cynthia Sue Larsons, of RealityShifters.

What do you think might have been happening here? Have you had any sudden experiences of an alternate plane, timeline, or … ?

BTW this was originally in one massive paragraph, which I broke up for readability.  Love, Whitehawk

Extraordinary Experience with Grid and “Dragonflies”
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Herewith my experience I had on Saturday evening 23rd April 2016, around 11.45 ish pm. My wife and I had just come back that evening from Bahamas (8pm) and my partner from our musical group picked us up at the airport.

As we were playing at an early 7am charity event, we decided that it would be best if he slept at our place. We watched a movie and when it finished, we (my partner and I) decided to go to our dock and have a night cap (11.30pm), as we live on a lake and the view is very cool. It was full moon and we were looking at the stars, which was actually very visible that night.

We chatted about upcoming events, [we] saw quite a few planes leaving Ft Lauderdale airport and flying over us at that late hour. Didn’t seem normal. For some reason we both thought that the planes were looking a bit weird, almost like drone shape, but we left that at that.

As we were sitting there, I looked over the lake and noticed that in the far distance past the trees and houses across the lake, there was like a bunch of small stars, almost like street lights from afar, but all bunched together. As I am looking at it, I decided to stand up to see if I could see it better, and as I stood up, in front of me at the edge of our dock, there was this like squared fence with lighted dots scattered in no particular order on it and also another fence across the lake on the other side. It was almost 3D like. It covered the whole lake I could see.

So the first thing that went through my mind is that my contacts are all screwed up, as this sometimes happens on stage and the lights can play tricks on your vision, especially when I sweat from performance. As I sat down again, I remembered that I didn’t have any contacts in my eyes, as I hadn’t worn them for a whole week while on vacation.

Sitting there thinking what is going on with me/my eyes, I saw in the moonlight these bugs, almost like dragonflies, and wondered why there were so many flying around this time of the night on our dock. There are dragonflies on the lake but never at night do we see them. I then asked my partner if he can see what I am seeing and told him about the fence too. He said no.

I then stood up again and immediately the fence was there. I walked to the edge of the dock, told my partner what I am seeing, and then I tried to slowly push my hand through this fence, almost like in the movies scenes to the other side. As I was about to make contact with it, it moved away so that I couldn’t/didn’t touch it. It then dissolved/broke up, and all the “particles” formed like a swarm of little birds and started flying over me. (Italics mine -W)

I sat down and again asked my partner, but he saw nothing. There was like a blanket of these amazing flying birds constantly flying over us in one direction, never ending, front to back, and I sat in wonderment looking at this scenario. I kept explaining to my partner what I was seeing. I tried to put my hand into the flying blanket of small birds, but again they moved away. Throughout my experience I couldn’t touch them. I tried several times that night.

I felt there was a connection between the “fence” and the “dragonflies” as they were really one and the same and every time I tried to touch them, they would move away and breakup and all join together in a group that almost looked like a swarm of bees. Then they would start flying towards me, rather fast I might ad, and over my head into the dark behind me. So yes, they were definitely connected. Same species.

I’d just like to explain their reaction when I tried touching them. They never moved away quickly, but more like fish moving away from your hands when you try and touch them in the water. Nothing frenetic but rather like slow motion. Think of two magnets when the 2 positives face each other, and try as you might, they just won’t touch each other because of the opposing force between the two points. That’s what it felt like for me. Just couldn’t touch them, try as I might.

There was an endless amount of flying small birds/dragonflies. It was almost like it could carry on for as long as I wanted them to. They definitely worked together. As for the dragonfly part of it, that only happened right at the beginning of my experience. From there on they became the small flying birds most of the time that night.

The experience lasted anywhere from around 35-45 min. The only reason it ended was the fact that WE went to bed because of our early 6am wakeup call. At that time I felt it could go on all night if I wanted it to carry on. I felt THAT connected. I also felt I can see this again when I wanted to and even told my partner that too. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened again, and believe me, I’ve tried to get back there. Hopefully it will happen again somewhere along the line.

I tried to see if there was a way I could get my partner to see them too and told him to concentrate on the moon and he’ll see there is like an aura around it, and every time I looked at it, these small birds would come flying down to me and over my head and it felt like it came from the moon. He never did get to see what I was seeing that night, but he knows my story first hand.

I told him we better get to bed after about 45 min or so (early gig), and as I stood up, it started raining, but not earth rain, the other “dimension” rain. I looked at the dock, and remember just thinking this is amazing. I see the rain, but no wetness on the dock. Sometimes it rained harder, sometimes almost drizzling, but clear as daylight. I tried touching the flying birds again with both hands up in the air, and then they stopped and regrouped and turned into this school of small fish and started coming by me/us as if in the ocean, changing direction and formation all the time. I described it all to my partner.

Every time I got close to the edge of the dock, the fence would appear again. It almost felt like “they” were playing with me and it developed to the point where I was almost guiding them with my hand movements. Very difficult to explain, but I can show you in real life what I’m talking about. I also felt very amazed and happy that I was experiencing this without any fear whatsoever.

When we decided to go to bed the first time, that’s when the “rain” came. It was almost like “they” were trying to keep me there by doing this, as it was a most amazing sight for me. It worked. We stayed longer and a little bit later on we eventually got up to go bed. As we were walking up the stairs of the dock, it really started “raining” hard. I still told my partner that it is really raining hard now in this place where I am.

Walking away from the dock towards the house, I stopped, looked back and there were the birds still flying over the moonlit dock. I walked back to the top step of the dock and then they came again and flew over me. I felt they wanted me to stay. I turned around, we walked back into the house and it was over. I do wonder if they would have still been there had I gone back then. I certainly felt that they would be there by the dock waiting for me.

That in a nutshell was what happened. The thing I also know about it all was that I was totally conscious of my earthly surroundings throughout it all, explaining as it happened. It was almost like another world has joined up with us/me and I was in it too, living both sides.

Just for the record, I have NEVER had any experience like this before in my life, so this is a huge WOW factor for me. Now the thing that got me was that the next day I went on the internet and started checking my experience out and if there might be some explanation or similar experiences out there. What do I come across— – a picture, almost identical to the fence/squares I’m trying to describe that I saw:


The only difference was there was no big bright light in the middle of it, and the dots were not blue, but white, but the same scattered all over. The fence itself was not bending inwards like on the picture, but solid down in front of me, but exactly the same as in the picture. I don’t ever recall seeing this picture before. I have also seen other similar ones since searching on the internet.

Apologies for so long a story, but I wanted to tell it as accurate as possible. There is one thing I left out and that is that my right ear had blocked while on holiday swimming in the ocean and was still totally blocked when this happened. I don’t know if this might have anything to do with what I saw, but when I saw the picture on the net, that got to me. I have also read a similar story about the “bugs” flying around experience. I felt the experience, saw it clearly, was blown away, and for the first time in my life I’m thinking “outside the box”.


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