Then, Now & Then Again: Timeline Madness

I’ve been wanting to put a few things out here for a while now. Perhaps some of my thoughts will resonate on your end. It might come out more piecemeal than “perfect flow” but so be it. I may come back and whittle it down… what we have here is a tsunami of consciousness.

bh_gwsPortals & Gateways & Waves – Oh My

As those who know me (in life) or have been following the Whitehawk blog are aware, I AM – and have been for decades – very interested in this phenom commonly referred to as “The Shift,” or “Ascension.” I’m obviously someone who came into this plane (“in a hurry” as some would say, explaining my choice of family to be born into) to participate somehow in service to this cosmic event.

What this looked like early on (decades back) was: the earth’s magnetics would weaken, the planet would flip in a massive planetary “cleanse,” lands would disappear under the seas while other lands would surface (or re-surface) after centuries resting in The Deep. Humanity would finally SEE the error of the juvenile bravado it perpetuated during this entire period of 26,000 years when the propensity for domination and control at the expense of basically ALL ELSE would lead to heinous crimes against all that’s sacred – LIFE ITSELF in all its varieties: the furred, feathered & finned beings; vegetation, mineral; land, sea, and air… the whole blooming gestault.

I held something of an “Earth Steward” mantle. From my earliest dreams, visions, and journeys out of body, I experienced the events of massive earth changes. How many of these lay ahead in my future vs re-experiencing memories of past lives, or possibly even neither, I really couldn’t gauge. I lived with an existential anxiety with the probability that this would take place in my lifetime, and that I would have some role in it.

I devoured “channeled” info, as it seemed the only way to get the unobstructed story behind the increasing calamities I saw around me – that really pained me, I might add. (As any empath will understand.)  I read up on Cayce, and inhaled every Seth book that came out in rapid succession in the 70’s & 80’s, as well as any other channeled info I could find pertaining to the history of the planet, the Atlantis/Lemurian episodes, ascended masters here to guide us now, and the like. Now Ets – helpful and not – and all kinds of “space” and “inner earth” activities are in the mix, to attempt to grok.

Oh. My. God. SO. MUCH.

I’ve had endless personal readings – usually channeled, as opposed to, say, astrological, or tarot, or clairvoyant, or whatever. I wanted the ‘straight dope’ delivered without use of tools that presented symbolic interpretation. (I also have used such tools myself for as long as I can remember – the I Ching and Tarot in particular. I am NOT knocking tools; I just craved a straight-forwardness that didn’t require “interpretation.”)

Well guess what – it’s all symbolic; it’s all about how one’s own heart-mind interprets situations and deals with them (or not). This is a holographic realm, I’ve come to understand. Its capacity to produce varieties of stories, events, etc, is infinite. Aligning with a tale, or program, or opinion, even technology, etc, empowers its impact on “all the realm.” Pulling your personal power FROM it takes it down a notch. If we ALL “pulled our plugs” from the dark, BS outlets pumping the crap into the collective consciousness, and plugged into our own interconnected higher natures instead, can you imagine the shift?

So we hear one person’s sharings about what’s happening with, say, galactic waves. Suddenly the internet is a-flutter with thousands of voices picking up on that and echoing it in “channelings.” This leads others to say “Oh, check this out, it’s corroborating with what so-and-so said! Obviously this means it’s true!”

Please understand I’m not saying something is NOT true in this example. What I’m attempting to relate here is, the internet is loaded with so many “clues” or proclamations or derivative repetitions re: what’s happening here in this ultra-wild ride we are now having, anything could be true. It basically depends what page or frequency you’re energizing at the moment – which of infinite timelines you’re tuned in to – and what you believe about it.

I’ve gathered a few graphics for you to take a look at, if inclined. Some are creative attempts to represent time, timelines, parallel planes, etc; some are unrelated to the subject but I’m including just as a little mind-flex exercise in possibilities. Our quantum hologram of infinite fractals is currently next to impossible for our limited minds to “hold,” but let’s just take a look for a moment because I’m trying to make a point re: how things work. I’m not going to attempt to explain each graphic here; I’m just inviting you to play along and gaze at them a moment. No need to try to analyze:

The point is, infinite timelines/planes can exist completely oblivious to one another, AND they can intersect, AND they might link/meld/travel together as a perceived “reality” if enough consciousness feeds into them that a particular representation of “this world” takes shape and grows into forms that we accept as “real.” Loud, persistent voices of opinionated individuals are often instigators of this. They get attention; people just stumble into line… voila! A reality is born, for better or worse. Hitler was just an actor who effectively delivered lines given to him that built the scaffolding of a world view. We saw how that turned out. Examples abound.

(You still with me? Even my brain is starting to fry at this point.)

Clues from Out-of-Body Experiences

As an aside, let me offer this tidbit, which has been discovered by various out-of-body explorers. Please look at the diagram in the lower left of the above group, with the idea that each layer represents a plane of existence.

It has been discovered by out-of-body experiencers that, in 4D, you can make a sudden angular turn – like a 90º turn, for instance (a sharp right from where one is facing, let’s say), or a 180º (direct turnaround back/front) – and instantaneously find yourself in an entirely different reality construct. You’ve spontaneously jumped from one layer, where you’re with other humans, say, in an environment similar to what you know in the physical: people have two arms and legs, animals run around, you can drive cars and catch trains… this is a typical 4D realm to one whose home “turf” is 3D as we know it.

But if you make a choice to ‘jump’ to something altogether different – maybe on a jaunt in which you’re feeling intrepid – you might find beings of an altogether different appearance, ie, they might resemble any of multitudes of “extraterrestrials” (usually intradimensionals) people have reported encountering. I’m talking beyond the typical “greys” or “Tall Whites” etcetc. I mean high strangeness in the embodiment of beings that would likely freak the daylights out of you if you saw them; not humanoid. NOT that they’d be of any threat to you; they are just nothing you’ve experienced before. This scenario could be said to be a “jump” to another plane, or timeline, or both. It’s another reality system.

Or: another holographic representation of a different ilk of consciousness.

What Are We Here to DO?

To try to reel this post into something that vaguely resembles a “point” (!!) I’m suggesting that our powers of CREATION are TREMENDOUS. We spiritual types are inclined to think we are here to “love,” and I certainly cannot argue with that!

dolphins-dreamdesign-violet-flame-24589However, what seems to have been getting lost in our culture is the primary purpose (in Whitehawk terms) to CREATE. WE ARE CREATOR BEINGS, HERE TO CREATE. Understand: existence unfolds according to how and what we create! And the essence with which we imbue our creations! In my world view, we are here to CREATE LOVE. We are here to create beauty. We are here to connect with resonant others to co-create a loving, beautiful, infinitely unfolding existence, IN HARMONY with a loving, creative, glorious universe and the infinitely loving, creative consciousness that breathed it all into being.

What we’ve got now is a fine mess. The opposite of loving, creative beings in harmony with ourselves, the universe, and everything in it. We’ve made that “180” and have been creating a hostile world. We are miscreating. Our world is bursting with miscreants. We have been led astray in our laziness to make our own productive choices, and are facing – even ravenously consuming – the consequences of this in almost every moment where we lapse from our divine purpose:

  • To lovingly create.
  • To function with the intention of establishing harmony in which all may thrive.
  • TO DO NO HARM to self and others.
  • To make a decisive 180º turn away from this destroyer reality we have – consciously or unconsciously – accepted and (largely) cluelessly perpetuate.

We are in an outrageous spin cycle of distractions. This message; that message. This person is opening portals! This one is doing grid work! This one is channeling, and if it’s channeled it must be truth because it comes from “upstairs”! They know things I don’t; I have to LISTEN to them, I have to do something “grid” or “gateway” or whatever it is that day.

Let me say right here that I am speaking to MYSELF as well as anyone who might still be reading this. I’m an info junkie when it comes to certain kinds of information, particularly info that might help me understand what the HECK is going on here, in all this chaos. This post is a much about self-talk as it is putting out ideas for your consideration.

2016 Prophecies

We are bombarded by distraction: This earthquake, that flood, this murder, that false flag horror, this guy on Facebook, that TV show, this prophecy, that accounting of what’s already happened. And so much of it is so low vibe.

For instance, psychic/channeled predictions re: the next US president that I’ve heard:

  • It will be Clinton. Her ‘chart’ indicates this, as do millions of votes that have not even been cast or counted yet. The “hidden hand” has chosen Hillary because she will perpetuate the cabal’s new world order agenda into the future. She has all the super delegates and power connections. Individual votes are merely a crumb tossed to the people to let them think they are actually participating in things.
  • The next president will be Bernie. The people will throw this 2-party abomination of an election (and system in general, at the point) to anoint this “everyman” who seems to understand and serve the plight of the masses, as opposed to bowing to the Powers That Be (or were).
  • Trump will be the next president. He represents the collective shadow of America; the angry millions who believe that Trump will kick the crap out of so many trouble-makers and “make America great again.” There’s a LOT of anger in this world, and Trump trumpets it, unabashedly. He also seems immune to intimidation, which sits well with the armchair annihilators of the country.

Then there’s THIS wild card, which I find particularly interesting. This comes from a “simple man” who’s been visited by a Nordic (Pleiadian) being since the 70’s. This is what this Nordic told this man about this year’s elections:

  • There will be such universal upheaval by the time the elections are scheduled to occur, everyone’s priorities will be radically altered. [I believe “upheaval” points to a natural or cosmic “event” that impacts us deeply – possibly the long-prophesied earth changes and/or Nibiru appearance – as well as the “ever imminent” financial collapse/reset. -W]  This upheaval will trigger the end of America’s lame 2-party system, which is now in its final wailing throes, and a “surprise” person will be pulled from the sidelines by the people who convince her (yes, a woman – but not Clinton) to lead whatever is left of this country by the time the upheaval/s take place. She will be JUST what is needed in a leadership capacity, and the world will begin its journey of healing and birthing a ‘golden age’ with her guidance. The woman was not named.

I could actually go on into other things I’ve heard via interesting sources, but I’ll stop here with the “political prophecies.”

I will add that sources like Bashar and a couple others have proclaimed for years that “by the Fall of the year 2016, everything in your world will be different.” I have more to say on this but I’m too exhausted to go there now!


I also wanted to share this, about “history,” while we ponder parallel timelines.


  • There are timelines in which Germany won World War 2, and proceeded from then on to rule the planet.
    (It could be argued that the Nazis actually did win, came to the US with new names, and have ruled behind the scenes all along. A whole ‘nother story)
  • Timelines exist in which Russia won that war, and to this day rules the planet.
  • One lone timeline is said to exist in which JFK was NOT assassinated, and he MADE his announcement that ETs DO exist, and certain militaries of the world HAVE been in contact with certain alien civilizations for ages, and there IS a “hidden tier of power” in this world that controls people and events to serve ITSELF and dominate all else. This was JFK’s noble intention, and is said to be why he was killed. As it happens, according to one “time traveler” (use your discernment)… that massive disclosure by JFK (on that timeline) threw the world into total chaos. The maturity level of the masses was not at a point that could cope with this information. According to this source, as terrible as it sounds, JFK’s death had to happen. His information was too explosive and premature at that time to serve his intended purpose.

In lesser examples of “history” and infinite timelines, people are having all sorts of first-hand experience with what has become known as the Mandela Effect. People who died on one timeline are “alive again” because there’s a trend of merging timelines now, as we wrap up this epoch, and varying timelines feature varying lifelines. Timelines are consolidating in a stuttering manner, which may involve intermittent weavings, crossings, separations, and re-mergings as prevailing energies find their way.

I’ve had experiences where, for instance, an item that is “permanently installed” on my nightstand was suddenly gone one day. I looked everywhere for it; it made no sense. I never moved it! Suddenly, a couple of months later, there it was again, where it always had been. So weird! – but the kind of thing a lot of people are experiencing. In another incident, a phone number that I was given ten years prior had suddenly materialized on my sofa, replacing a NEW number I had just jotted down and left in that spot earlier. (Much more to this story; one for the book ;)

In another instance, there’s a person I know whose home somehow seems in constant energetic flux in ways I can’t explain. I walk into the house and it just feels wobbly or quivery somehow! Not a bad thing; just a bit unsettling. Kind of like “hm, what’s going on here, or about to happen”?

I’ve read reports of buildings suddenly having an entirely different architectural style than they had the day prior. Businesses move around. Someone has a beloved terrier named Max during one visit; but the next time you see them, they have a pit bull named Maggie… and there never was a Max on the current timeline.

So, again, check out the graphics in this post and just ponder the possibilities of timelines merging and diverging and things just seeming bizarre. You KNOW one thing happened. But someone else KNOWS something altogether ELSE happened instead. In my earlier days of tracking this shift, I never imagined the extent to which bizarre would come along to bend our minds and stretch our parameters of perception.

In parting, here’s a short, illuminating video you might enjoy! Blessings on you and yours. ox W


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2 comments on “Then, Now & Then Again: Timeline Madness

  1. Hi all, yes I walk my grandson in the park & seen a man walking fast with a unique metal box straped to his back with a tellascopic extension going a foot or two over his head with multiple dark glass lenses directen in all directions, I felt a time traveler, 2 days later I saw an odd man miveing his hand in a wave formation dressed in the oddest cloths, he refused eye contact ,& I felt he also was a time traveler, I see many who are feeling a shift, now, the mendella effect is true I feel.I know they been removing & changing words & history to dumb down this upcoming generation but it’s more than that, my Bragg’s ACV is now called Bragg.there are now 2 timelines simotaniously, 1 with people knowing, 1 not knowing, interesting.


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