Rampage of Lightning & Kundalini


Putting this out for any response/input that might come from readers – tapping the wisdom of the tribe, so to speak, IF anyone has had experience with this who might care to share.

A week or so ago, we had an unusual nocturnal weather event here. It began normally enough: a thunderstorm. Rain poured and at one point thunder and lightning were happening simultaneously immediately overhead, which is of course very loud, unsettling, and too close for comfort. I do not aspire to be struck by lightning any more than I have been already via my own inner lightning, kundalini.

But what came next presented a “new kind of weirdness” for me; I wondered then and still wonder now if this was kundalini related. The sky became perpetually lit up with a “rampage of lightning” that went on and on and on. The whole atmosphere strobed under a sky that was lit up in perpetual near-daylight brightness.

While this was happening, I heated up like a furnace and could NOT COOL DOWN. I took a cool shower. I turned on the air conditioning as well as every fan I have to get my space as chill as possible. I was drenched in perspiration and this wouldn’t let up. Nothing helped this discomforting sensation that I was being cooked from the inside. All in all, this went on for a couple of hours, I’d say… maybe as long as three… during which I became extremely agitated. When the lightning subsided, so did the intense heat.

A quick search online found the term “catatumbo,” refering to “an everlasting lightning storm.” Venezuela is famous (or infamous) for a phenom where, for 200 to 300 days per year a lightning storm doesn’t cease over the Catatumbo River. Interesting, and not a destination I’ll be visiting, ever.

So, this happened. If anyone has any experience with lightning in apparent connection with kundalini, I’d love to hear from you.

Love all and peace out ox

4 comments on “Rampage of Lightning & Kundalini

  1. Younger and on a small LSD dose I was up the Pocono mountains 95°, sunny & in a quick minute the sky darkened large cold rain drops into sleet & now about 65° or so.lightening struck a large tree a couple feet away, I was terrified & ran.my brother said to stop & get inside an old fireplace with no house to avoid being struck.it cleared away we walked around the large lake, I taped a rock by lake with a wooden staff & a portal opened up clear as can be.it extended over the entire lake & was all red rock with tall mountains in the distance, it looked like Arizona or Mars so I choose not to enter.I was in complete awe & knew I could enter if I choose so.this area has many underground springs where I feel powerfull energies exist and mother nature is Awesome. Peace , Robert


  2. haven’t had quite that long of an experience, but when it does storm I do get uncomfortable and can energetically feel the lightening electrifying my personal energy field, especially if it strikes close by.


  3. two nights ago on 600ug of LSD my kundalini broke through for the first time. It was raining hard and I started reading a book detailing kundalini breathwork, as i saw a diagram of the brain connecting to the spinal cord I felt intense pressure through my central entire nervous system vividly. After about an hour of letting the serpent spirit move my body into different poses while lying on the floor as my spinal cord twisted and popped i finally was able to sit up and do the breathwork properly, I exhaled harder than i’d ever exhaled, lifted up my pelvic floor and clenched my abs, inhaled up to my throat and as the spirit broke through my throat into my brain lightning struck with thunder simultaneously, it definitely freaked me out but it was empowering.


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