GO FORTH Like the Renegade You Are

flat,800x800,070,fI’m amused to find myself actually describing this person, Victor Oddo (new to me; video follows), as an “Ascension Motivator.”

In my career I’ve worked with numerous motivational author/speakers as well as spiritual author/teachers. Once upon a time not too long ago these two genres were kept *quite* separate from one another in the human potential publishing/production/marketing universe. Each niche had its parameters, which did not intersect. Now here I am introducing a man as a motivational speaker with an ascension focus.

Regarding this post’s title

I know that many are in a state, or space, of simply not knowing which way to go, what to do, or how to even contemplate all that’s going on now! Not exactly a “renegade mindset,” as I know from abundant personal experience.

Allowing FLOW

May I gently suggest, if something is attracting your attention – something new is “winking at you” and arousing your curiosity (in a good way, even if it feels a bit alien), acknowledge that attraction, take a step in that direction. Open to a new experience, regardless where it may fall in the “insignificant-to-overwhelmingly big” spectrum. 

“Open” doesn’t mean dive headlong into the deep end; it means allow13509014_10209363636825844_1748533103801097146_n.jpg something different to happen for you. Or maybe through you for someone else, if you haven’t “extended” much lately?

Feel free to create simple rituals for self-protection if that would help lesson any fear of loosening the grip of the rigid past.

Soften old limitations in contemplative practice; allow FLOW to begin to activate! FLOW does not happen if faced with a dead end passage.

You’re going through stuff. WE are immersed in something incomprehensively huge, literally on a cosmic scale! But in the midst of it, we still have our little (or not so) sphere of influence, and we can engage with that as our personal ascension laboratory – or playground, if a lab sounds too serious.

ACCEPT the energies of freedom of expression and flexibility of old patterns to shift into new forms! We now have more license to (re)create ourselves to more readily lighten and lift into the new frequencies. Take a toddler’s step in the spirit of child-like anticipation and enthusiasm.

‘Nuff from me – following are a few lines and a lively video of Victor Oddo’s “July Energies” pep talk.

Go forth, luminous one!  ox Whitehawk

The ascension energies here in July, 2016 are very accelerated in nature… Big Time!

You will feel it, no doubt.

You will experience speed in your life… (inner & outer)

Plenty of old falling away at speeds never before felt and just as much NEW popping into your world… your consciousness… your physical reality.

You will feel, at the same time… amped up and ready to rock… and many times paired with extreme self-doubt.

Go forth!

Ignore the doubt! Go forth like the renegade you are.

Plowing a new trail…. through dense foliage is never easy man.

That’s why YOU’RE the one doing it… because you prefer a fun challenge…. you are up to the task!


That’s what I thought.

So, go for it… go get whats yours… Go towards your dreams…

They are real and waiting.

You are the one to bridge that gap…

Enjoy the month of July, 2016 folks… Expect your ascension process to take you where you have never been before, in the process revealing aspects of yourself that will amaze you.



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