Veterinary Emergency… (link fixed)

Dear Friends,

cat-silhouetteThis is an appeal to the dear hearts among you who will read this and respond with a donation for a medical emergency re: my sweet cat Kiko. If you can help her get the help she needs today, I shower you with my deep appreciation, love, and blessings.

Old friends may recall my ‘rescuing’ a couple of very health-challenged kittens a few years ago during my 2-year volunteer stint at the local shelter. One of them needs emergency attention IMMEDIATELY. It’s been a long holiday weekend (no office hours) and today is her day to go in for help.

She is in urgent need, so her “person” urgently requests support to help her.

If you are able and willing to help Kiko, please click on the pink button below to use my paypal account:

and contribute any amount. 

Much, much gratitude to any and all who respond to this call for help for a precious animal in need.

Love to you, Whitehawk



2 comments on “Veterinary Emergency… (link fixed)

  1. Dear Whitehawk, The link for donating in this email is not working. It drops out to an error page. I went back and looked up where I had send money to you before. Just want to let you know, in case others are having trouble sending help over. Best to you, and Prayers for the Kitty! Carol Rose


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