Spin Cycle

What a week! Lots of crazy happening on a mass scale, with lots more coming. I’m hearing more predictions that this election may not happen at all, the way things are escalating.

Kiko, Whitehawk & *Little Crystals*

Meanwhile, in my personal realm of existence, this week sent me into extraordinary vertigo, which was particularly strong (overwhelming, immobilizing) on Wed. So strange: I couldn’t walk; staggered and banged into walls and furniture… thought a shower might ‘straighten me up’ a bit; fell into the shower wall. Had to reschedule a doctor’s appointment because I just couldn’t get there. Landed with a thud outside trying to tend to some plants. It was very much like having extreme seasickness on a small boat in a major storm.

I was offline for much of three days and hadn’t heard about the incredible swarm of earthquakes going on in California, as well as extreme magnetic storms blasting forth from a highly active sun this week. All related, I’m sure… and I am feeling much better now, thankfully.

A note about Kiko, my kitty who had a health crisis recently, for which some dear readers pitched in for her emergency veterinary care, and for which I am SO grateful! First: I was able to pay 2/3 of that bill, and the vet gave me a grace period to pay off the rest. Living on the razor’s edge without credit cards to help during emergencies makes for all sorts of commotion. God Bless compassionate helpers.

Also: Kiko’s problem was/is a urinary tract one (crystals forming in the bladder, painful to pass.. like little glass chards), which kept her stationed in the litter box, crying incessantly, over the 3-day 4th of July weekend. First thing Tuesday morning we were at the nearest country veterinary hospital (which was PACKED with animals, mostly dogs), where her consult and prescriptions instantly sent the invoice into numbers beyond my ability to cover. Moreover, one “prescription” is special food that helps acidify the urine, which in turn helps dissolve and prevent the formation of those crystals. I’m sure there are ‘cat people’ reading this who know the story. It’s a serious problem that cannot be ignored.

This prescription food costs $43 for a small 7-lb bag!  And this is supposed to be her diet forever after, and she’s only 4 years old. Trying to get Kiko to eat this while keeping two other cats away from it has not been easy. Meanwhile, between the antibiotics, a ‘paste’ that’s also meant to dissolve crystals, and special food, Kiko’s problem improved.

But then early this week it RETURNED. And her PERSON was reeling with immobilizing vertigo. She rec’d more antibiotics, and the paste (on her paw; she licks it off), and I ordered a homeopathic remedy for this too, online, which arrived yesterday. Putting that in her water. Again she seems ok…

All of which brings me to this business of heightened magnetic activity on this planet, which I feel MUST be the cause of my “seasickness” and possibly also Kiko’s urinary/bladder “crystals” issue. Vertigo can apparently be caused by tiny crystals in the inner ear (they seem to act like the “air bubble” in that leveling tool carpenters use to ensure balance in their work) … relocating or settling in places they don’t belong. This is what I gleaned by some basic research online re: vertigo.

I’m wondering if (strongly suspecting that) all this magnetic activity in/around earth recently has churned up these tiny crystals in MY inner ear – and possibly also Kiko’s in her bladder?

This pedestrian hypothesis may be a stretch, but crystals consist of minerals, do they not, which definitely would be affected by magnetic fields. I’m not quite reconciling Kiko’s problem with this (not sure magnetic fields can cause crystals to develop) but the coincidence of her having a problem with ‘tiny crystals’ at about the same time I couldn’t even stand and walk seems potentially significant.

During my vertigo, I checked around for news of others having the same problem. One friend said yes, but hers had been ongoing for months. So, well, this case is basically unresolved at this point.

I’m thankful to feel better (tho banged up a bit), and put this out there to ask for responses from anyone else who may have experience with dizziness like this. I’ve had it a few times but never as severe as this week. I found myself reflecting on a man I knew who had a brain tumor, for whom vertigo was an early symptom.

That’s my personal update… bless all, and thank you, thank you, for your support!

Love… Whitehawk

PS (LATER SAME DAY) – Went in for the medical appointment I had to cancel on Wed… asked if there had been others coming in complaining of vertigo this week. Nope. So I’m basically supposing this is another manifestation of “earth empathy,” the increased magnetic fields, earthquakes, etc.  sigh









12 comments on “Spin Cycle

  1.     Pat went to the hospital overnight at the end of last month with the worst case of vertigo ever.  They did a million dollars worth of tests to rule out a stroke and want her to come back for more tests.  Believe that the sugared ginger was the best treatment.  Took her two weeks to recover and she is still not up to par.     Thank you so much for the edit!!!  Writing was a major part of my job but I was never any good at the final product.  I really don’t know if it will be published but I just wanted to give it a try.   Love and light   Bob


    • Bob, I’m concerned and also interested to hear of Pat’s vertigo! WHAT is this about? I feel it’s something coming from outside us, and affecting we who have … what? … *something* that responds to “it” with vertigo. Something inside being ‘twanged’ by something external. If Pat does go for more tests, please keep me posted.
      You are most welcome re: the editing. :)


      • Hi Whitehawk, maybe part of the vertigo is new ideas replacing old ideas. Sounds too simple? Maybe revelations as it happened for me, but also by removal of a harmful influence? The body, no longer giving all its might to stay “normal” can surrender for a while. I never went to hospital with the vertigo. A doctor called to the house and did some simple tests to rule out a stroke (free in Oz). My husband took me for chiropractic and acupuncture. It was weeks before my eyesight became level again – left eye looked up, right eye looked down. None of the injections from the GP actually worked. The vertigo also affected my legs badly. I felt like I must have had cerebral palsy. It was three months before I could sit up without spinning. The GP said it was caused by a virus called vestibular neuritis and for some reason that there was a lot of it about. Hope that helps? xxx


  2. In the last two weeks, I have noticed vertigo problems…not quite so bad as yours, however! Doesn’t happen when I’m sitting down, but when I get up to walk, I have to be a little more careful than usual. I have blamed it on the age related macular degeneration I was diagnosed with last Oct. It has also gotten worse over the last several months, too. I take lots of supplements for it…and I’ve found that they are developing new methods to heal it, even if one is almost blind. Some of these are already used, but in very limited places. They do have injections (into the eye) which can slow it down…I may have to opt for those first. But…when I think about it, I don’t think that some distorted vision would cause vertigo like I’ve been noticing. The incoming energies/magnetic changes have been intensifying, too. Today, I had lunch with 3 friends…Judy, Laura and Barb. Laura’s been really interested in what is now being called the ‘Mandala Effect’…and has to do with changing timelines. I remember reading about it a few months ago. Bible verses were physically changed from what people remembered…even in very old texts. She quoted a verse in the book of Isaiah. which had said something about the lion laying down with the lamb. It changed in all printed versions to something like the wolf will run with the sheep. Other things also…objects totally disappearing and not found..or found in a different place than where they had been put, etc. There is a FB page about this. Anyway…thought I’d let you know of my own experience with vertigo. Hope your experience is not repeated again!!


    • Hi Joanne – I was really puzzled by the Isaiah verse. The verse being quoted by everybody on the internet is in Revelation 5:5–6. Apparently the two verses have been mixed up for some time! They are similar. Hope that helps?

      My mum has MD. She was only in her 40s when she was first diagnosed. An Australian ohpthalmologist (pre-Google) cited margarine / trans fats as being a major cause of MD. He stated that a human body has no receptors to deal with these trans fats and they accumulate in the body, particularly in the macular. His peers did sneer! Mother is 82 and legally blind for the last six months. She has problems with “depth perception” and is often nearly falling because of misjudging steps etc. Does that sound like what you’re having problems with? She still enjoys TV and reading with a glass. We’ve had ramps and rails installed to make life easier for her, and they really have helped. She also has a wheelie walker she is learning to use for extra stability when I take her out shopping.

      One of my aunts had some of the injections into her eyes. They helped for some time. Her vision problems though were caused by many years of cortisone use to deal with polymyalgia rheumatica. The long term cortisone also caused her to become diabetic, which is a known side effect. Pity the masses don’t know.

      A friend of mine developed vertigo many years ago after being on antibiotics called Gentomycin. Vertigo can be a side effect of this particular antibiotic. My friend went to classes to learn to deal with it. She walks slowly and surely, like a Queen. She is regal! She doesn’t turn her head, but will turn her body. Perhaps your GP would know of rehab classes near you that could help? xxx


      • Thanks, Toni, for your comments!! I didn’t even know I had it until last Oct…thought it was cataracts…I have those too…but they wouldn’t remove them because of the MD…lucky so far as my central vision is still good. But I don’t think it was the MD was giving me vertigo…it was only a few times for around 3 days. I have been fine since last week. I did a lot of reading about MD…especially being an area that is oxidizing (drying up) and causes vision problems. Many things can affect this. I have been taking supplements with lutein and zeaxanthin…which really helps. Also taking resveratrol, which is made from red grapes, skins and seeds. I also take a supplement called Longevinex…which supports stem cell regeneration for the eyes, heart and brain. They have all been slowing it down dramatically, which is great! I have been keeping an eye on research for a cure or things to help see better…there are several in the works and it is said it would restore the sight of those even legally blind. I’m 74…and NOT giving up my sight just yet!!!


  3. Hi Joanne! Yes, the Mandela Effect has become *big* over the past year or so. The “lion & lamb” morphing into “wolf & lamb” bit is particularly strange to me! But other instances abound as well. Timelines are converging and so much is getting wonky, as some of our very clear memories seem to be getting the boot while other versions of history seem to have come forth to dominate the current timeline. We have to really stretch our ideas re: WHAT IS! Which is – malleability! Reality is a very fluid condition!

    Boo! re: your macular degeneration. My mother had it (starting), and at that time I don’t think there was much anyone could do about it. Sounds like new options are opening up in time for you to take advantage. Metaphysically speaking, there IS a whole lot going on in the world now that I for one would rather not SEE. :-(

    I’m feeling this vertigo business has a lot to do with the changing energies of the planet, which some of us seem to be more vulnerable to at various times, depending on our personal make-up encountering particular frequencies or E/M waves, etc. Thanks for your comment, and take good care!! oxo W


  4. I’ve had a problem with the vertigo. When its on, I’m off, can’t even get up. It was terrible this week. Haven’t found a cure except for rest.

    As for Urinary track infections, I’ve had those for 40 years. It’s genetic when it happens young. Maybe the same for the cat. My daughter had it very early too, at ten years old. We both eat raw parsley and use parsley tablets when we have that nighttime irritation/pain. Works like a charm, usually within 24 hours. Every time I tell a doctor about our cure, they don’t want to hear about it, the solution is too cheap. Parsley costs 50 cents a bunch at the market and the capsules are very inexpensive. Buy the capsules and open one and add to Kitty’s food.


    • Susan…ever since my bladder fell again…(had a ‘lift’ back in the ’80’s)…I’ve had chronic UTI’s…and the one thing that keeps them at bay is colloidal sliver. It’s great for all internal infections…and external ones, too. Since it’s expensive at the health food stores, I bought a silver generator and make my own. I ingest 1/2 to 1 oz a day…and the flare ups don’t even show up when I do this daily. It’s great for topical cuts and scrapes, burn, insect bites, etc. The machine pays for itself in no time. I swish it around my mouth and then swallow it. I’ve been doing this for quite a few years now and I haven’t turned blue yet!! It’s also useful around the house…kills bacteria on your kitchen counters and in the bathroom. I got my current generator from a company called The Silver Edge. The web site has so many useful articles and testimony too. This machine is different than most others…it makes nano size silver which is able to be absorbed by the body much easier. You can make a quart in 3 hours! All you need is steam distilled water…which is cheap. I hope you try this stuff…almost tasteless and so easy to use!!! Once the initial cost for the equipment is paid for, all you need is the steam distilled water. We keep many jugs of it at our house for other uses also…like in the solar batteries and in my CPAP machine. Hope you’re able to try it…beats buying fresh parsley all the time (unless you grow it yourself..as it’s easy to grow!)


    • Susan, I appreciate your input. I just saw something about putting parsley in hot water and drinking that regularly (and abundantly) as a flushing agent. I wish I had an appreciation for the taste of parsley as it’s so good for you! But you’ve inspired me to just get over myself and try the parsley :) … If it ends up rotting in the fridge I’ll go for the capsules, as investing in a colloidal silver machine (Joanne) is definitely not in my budget currently. I’ve never had UTI but my diet isn’t particularly clean so I could certainly use a flusher-outer like parsley for “random debris”! As for Kiko, she’s rather tricky to get stuff into. She doesn’t take much wet food (how could a cat prefer the dry stuff??? – Her sister is even worse, she never wants anything but crunchy kibble!) … I’m sprinkling the homeo pills in her water and her wet food… hopefully their healing properties emanate out into the whole bowl bcz so little of it gets into the cat!

      Thank you for your contribution and may this vertigo issue be gentle with us! oxW


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