Mandela Effect Gets Personal?

I’ve only heard the first 12 minutes of this 2-hour “One People” program, but I’m stopping here to post it on this blog because I find the first story shared by Lisa (on the left in the video) fascinating, possibly very relevant, and moreover it triggered a memory of an experience my mother had many years ago, when I was living far from her, in Colorado.

(By the way, if the “Mandela Effect” phenom is unknown to you, a quick google of the term will bring you up to speed, pronto.)

The story I’m referring to in this “One People” video (at the bottom of the post) is a very striking one, about a woman’s visceral experience of an alternate, parallel-plane timeline  (a whole other lifeline for her AND her small autistic son, who ALSO experienced it). The first evidence of something anomalous happening was her sense of extreme vertigo. I’ll leave the rest for you to hear from Lisa, but as most readers are aware, I’ve been experiencing vertigo (to varying degrees) myself, and NOW I’m wondering if it might be related to merging/shuffling timelines!


Pictured: video timeline editor—so many takes, so many versions & characters & scenes  from which to decide placement in the story!

Consider this also, about my mother. Years ago, she and my dad had recently returned from a trip to China and were sitting in their kitchen when suddenly my mom sensed she was dying, right out of the blue. She felt seriously dizzy and thought she was leaving her body. She tried to get someone there to call ME, which didn’t happen, but thankfully she survived that weird experience and told me about it afterwards.

I then turned around and asked “the guides” what that was about, and was told her soul had maneuvered some kind of “partial exchange” among various aspects of itself, which involved/included the “aspect” sitting at the kitchen table. This was something I’d never heard of before (this was 25+ years ago). Her physical experience of this was the sense she was ‘leaving’ right then and there. Remember, the soul is the TOTALITY of the Self – all lives, and all versions of this life are always actively involved with the soul.

Now I’m experiencing vertigo (as are others), along with the sensation that I just can’t wake up properly, or get up physically. COULD these be symptomatic of merging timelines… shuffling thru various versions of myself, choosing which to keep as the “dominant avatar”??

Endless timelines have been merging, merging, merging as this vibrational shift goes on, presumably to bring ALL life, including Gaia’s, into a place/position/state to move up an octave (or whatever the correct term is), collectively.

Here’s the video for inquiring (and of course discerning) minds. I don’t know what’s in it beyond the first 12 minutes myself! But these two women, who we all wish would quit smoking ;) … often cover the fringe stuff that others avoid.  oxo Whitehawk


2 comments on “Mandela Effect Gets Personal?

  1. I’ve been reading some stuff about the timelines and the Mandela Effect also and today I started reading the Wes Penre free ebook on AI…In the beginning of the book, he talks about the terms he uses with explanations for them…and discusses ‘soul splinters’…a similar use of your word ‘aspect’. I’ve used the word ‘fractal’…to describe pretty much the same thing. Had to leave this comment…one of those ‘moments’…you know!!


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