Primal. NOMAD.

41583HEGGCL.jpgI had the pleasant surprise of rediscovering a track of an album I once listened to on cassette to the point of entrancement. NOMAD. I’ve posted a track below in case it calls you.

If you’ve read my Kundalini Rising story, Deep Light and the Great Retruthing, you may remember the proliferation of symbols that began appearing to me as one of the earliest signals of something major and mysterious revving up within me. Hellooo kundalini.

These symbols were impressed … infused …  somehow in my consciousness, in my dreaming, on my walls (or anything in front of me), as well as suspended in the atmosphere around me. They seemed simultaneously ancient and futuristic… and alive. I began collecting ancient art like cave paintings etc., and became interested in Sanskrit characters.

And I discovered NOMAD, an album of aboriginal primal sounds, rhythms, and chants by an Australian musician named Adam Plack – and I just could not seem to get enough. Rarely am I “struck” like this by, well, anything.

Don’t remember how I was led to Nomad then, nor am I sure how it came to me again just now (one track: Gathering) on youtube, but I’m delighted to rediscover this old friend and partner in my opening to profoundly expanded realms. In fact I’m experiencing a very similar response to it now just as I did back then. Hearing this just now – the first time in years – sent me into a full-body rush. It moves me to my primal depths.

Funny how that happens :)

Maybe some out there will resonate. Frankly most people I knew back then did not respond to this as I did, so don’t feel out of the loop if you don’t. But maybe you will. Hearing it on a good system would be best, as opposed to youtube, but hey. I love this. It came at a time in my life when a very primal power was rising in me from the depths of existence itself. I respond to it still.




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