Surviving Kundalini

11139985_1219817861368126_6063214770381237752_nA searing quickie I snatched up from Jana Dixon’s Facebook page:

A full-on kundalini awakening is the hardest thing we will have to endure in life because of the penetration of the veil of consciousness and the greatly enhanced senses, psi, portent, correspondences and connections.

Our mind can truly become global and transcend time and space, as well as experiencing eternal time. The rational faculties must be pretty well developed, but not bullish and repressive in order to embrace the extremes of our switched on nature and not fight against our expansion with egoic parochialism.

One thing we realize on awakening is that the depths of ourselves goes so far beyond our conditioned identity that we experience ourselves as unfathomable… with no end.

The more we look, the further we go… words only slowly eek into these vaulted realms on their search for meaning.

And those who have not experienced an intense awakening are virgins, who in their wildest dreams could not begin to imagine the epic, cosmic nature of the journey and the remarkable HUman qualities it takes to survive kundalini awakening.

Sustaining the advances after an awakening takes even more skill… we live with the vague memory of a shooting star blasting into our retinas.

Jana’s website


2 comments on “Surviving Kundalini

  1. Wow. I remember the event of the kundalini as if it was yesterday, but it was 1983. I was just lying in bed one night and the electric bolt went up my body and shook me around a bit – for quite some time! I couldn’t control it at all. I wondered, What the hell was that???? Then it happened two more times. I was very shaken. Thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep after such a strong and weird experience, but passed out straight away. For the next few days at work, people were concerned that I didn’t look well. I was only bewildered and tired and didn’t mention to anyone what had happened. The next week I started at a meditation class. Then the window tapping started and door knocking started! My flatmate and I were bewildered – there was never anyone there. In bed at night I would see different symbols, and they wouldn’t go away until I’d given the correct interpretation. Looking at mandelas would throw me backwards. My intuition really ramped up, and occasionally I saw and heard spirits. After months of this I yelled out that I needed to sleep, to leave me alone, and they did. I continued in that class for 4 and a half years and learnt a little about a lot of things to start us off. The teacher encouraged us to follow our own leads and tell everyone what we’d learnt. She never answered a question! She always asked the questioner questions such as – what do you think? Of course there was no Google in those days, and it was nine months before I found the right people to talk about what had happened to me. It was such a hard slog. I’m so happy for people younger than me having the internet and blogs like this – there wasn’t much information around back when I started! Thank you!


  2. You were a “early riser” (Kundalini-wise) weren’t you Toni! So hard to try to carry on normally when your normal is GONE… transmuted into something altogether ELSE! Re: the tapping… in case this serves to share with you… I had wall tapping as well for a time. It wasn’t concerning or distracting… it just “was.” In one of my (then regular) sessions with my “guides” I was suddenly told out of the blue that my mother had been trying to greet me (from the other side) by “clicking the walls” were the words they used. Big surprise!

    Thank you, as always, for sharing some of your experience here on WwW blog. Bless … oxW


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