From one game changer to another… I bow to you. You may not receive direct feedback re: how your influence has nudged others, but you are making a world of difference by being your glorious self.


by Sarah L. Madak

3955695It can be said that people have an effect on our lives. This is true on many levels.

But there are some people that come in and change it on levels deeper than you can ever possibly imagine. These are the “game changers.” They affect your life, not by what they do or say but by who they are; their actual personage, their energy imprint, their DNA.

They come into your life at a well specified point to promote an evolution in your being at the proper time. It sparks an alchemical reaction process affecting you on the deepest levels and you cannot stop it if you tried. You could resist it, sure, run from it or try to ignore it, but it will be impossible, because it overtakes you.

How you recognize it, is up to you.

These are the divinely planned connections that you absolutely need exactly as they come. You will often find yourself being swept along in absolute wonder as to what exactly is happening. These connections can spur on a myriad of emotions. All of which will be felt on a very deep level.

But the intensity is necessary in order to burn up, eradicate what needs to go, open up, pollinate the things that need to come. It is absolutely you doing the evolving, you doing the inner work to process these things, but they are there to instigate the process.

Sometimes they light the fire and leave. Sometimes, they stay around for a while and see you through some of it, sometimes they may stay.

But often times, particularly in romantic partnerships, these are the learning relationships. They pressurize you in a way that brings up hidden traumas, exposes the deepest rooted patterns, identifies blocks you’ve built within yourself and gives you an opportunity to process it.

If you are smart, you will take heed and do the work. You will not try to run, but yet turn inward, look it straight in the face and investigate further. If you are having a strong reaction to something, there is a reason.

This is not to be rejected, it is to be explored. You cannot do this on anyone else’s time. You can not rely on the other person to sort it out for you. You have to deal with your own stuff.

If you are lucky, they will honor your process. But even if they don’t, know that this too is exactly what is needed in the moment.

Gratitude is the name of the game in these situations. Gratitude for your divine connection, gratitude for your evolution process, and gratitude to yourself for having the strength to do so.

The only way to fail in these situations is to not fully embrace it’s true alchemical potential. These things do not slide in and out of your experience in an easy breezy way. No.

They pummel you to the ground, rock your core, pierce your veils and send you reeling. That is why you asked for it. You don’t heighten consciousness or heal lifetimes of heavy experience or burden on a side thought.

You are becoming a truer version of you. These are benchmarks in your evolution process.

You will come out a new human. You will be able to reach greater potential. You will ultimately have a greater love and respect for yourself.

And that, my friends, is precisely why it’s worth every moment.

Have Courage.


Sarah Lynn Madak


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