Tools for Kundalini Experiencers

white-being-of-light-with-multiple-galaxies-e1423067083789Here’s something for the kundalini active or “k curious” among you – Corinne Lebrun (bio below) has taken up the mantle (cause) for awareness re: the increase of kundalini activation occurring across the planet now.

Corinne is one of numerous experiencers & ‘experts’ sharing kundalini ideas & info via The Emerging Sciences Foundation, which studies kundalini and the expansion of consciousness, and shares their findings. She has put together a powerpoint video re: tools that might serve you or someone you know who is experiencing this formidable energy of awakening.   oxWhitehawk

Tools for the Next Generation of Kundalini Experiencers

by Corinne Lebrun

More people than ever are reporting indications of Kundalini expansion and awakening. The collective evolutionary intelligence of humanity is opening up states of consciousness that result in human connection and compassion in more and more individuals. This can be seen as manifesting in the world as more and more consciously based communities are emerging.

There is an entire social movement of consciously based social activities that is gaining momentum such as conscious communities, festivals, music, for benefit business and even education.

However, there has been a lack of pragmatic information about Kundalini and spiritual awakening phenomena readily available,and locating useful and pragmatic information has been challenging. But thankfully social media has made reaching out to and finding like minded people easier and easier and offers the opportunity to share valuable resources now can empower our spiritual journeys.

This new phase of human evolution has opened the door to what can only be seen as being superhuman in the old paradigm. It is important to have tools to feel empowered while feeling increasing sensations of energy moving through the body, increased sensitivity to people and outside energies, and learning to navigate some of the feelings of powerlessness and loneliness that can occur.

I will share some tools that people can that can be used on a daily basis to deepen spiritual connection while being able to fully participate in the world. They include certain forms of mediation, very specific yoga practices, and psychology hacks and natural supplements that can enrich and empower your journey.


Corinne’s journey with mystical experiences begun as a young child which led her on a rich academic path of inquiry into various subjects such as theoretical physics, anthropology, psychology and various mystical traditions. She has a M.S. in Psychology her studies focus on how spiritual awakenings impact positive social evolution.

She is also KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, a Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healer, a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic School, and is a dancer, musician, artist and writer. Corinne has created a career in empowering start-ups and purpose driven organizations to be successful. Her career has led her to work with brilliant minds from places such as Los Alamos National Laboratory, NASA and the Alliance for Innovation in Science and Technology Information. Her company Pitch Deck Ninjas serves the business sector. She is also the founder of Wild Divine Bliss, an educational forum for Kundalini awakenings.


Kundalini is a word from the ancient Indian (Hindu) tradition, but describes a universal phenomenon found in all cultures throughout the world — the experience of spiritual awakening and the acquisition of genius. According to our hypothesis, Kundalini involves the brain, central nervous system, and reproductive system.

The theme of the 2016 Symposium event is “Kundalini and the Global Shift of Consciousness.” Kundalini is the biological basis behind the global shift of consciousness taking place, and understanding it can help us address the most urgent problems of our time. Understanding Kundalini can also help us accelerate our own process of spiritual growth.

The Kundalini Symposium is a conduit for scientists, philosophers, and wisdom-keepers to connect with a growing international community of supporters. Kundalini is the most important idea in the world today, with the power to revolutionize our understanding of all major aspect of human life, including the environment, politics, economics, health, psychology, etc. The Symposium invites a broad range of interdisciplinary speakers to help advance our understanding of the subject.

Official Symposium page:


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    > Whitehawk posted: “Here’s something for the kundalini active or “k > curious” among you – Corinne Lebrun (bio below) has taken up the mantle > (cause) for awareness re: the increase of kundalini activation occurring > across the planet now. Corinne is one of numerous experienc” >


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