Two Galactic Contactees Talkin’…

I hope this post finds you navigating the blustery (stormy?!) winds of change with valiance & verve!  My ride has been quite the opposite over recent weeks, but I just got a bit of breeze in my sails in the form of a recorded conversation between ECETI’s James Gilliland and one of the first “ascension guides,” Lisa Renee – who rarely appears or speaks in public anymore, but when she does it’s always of interest to me to hear what she has to say.


Lisa came to my awareness in the early years of the millennium when she started releasing a newsletter called Lifting Your Veil, which concerned my two primary themes: ascension and kundalini. Her kundalini activated right around the same time mine did (late 90’s) …  when she was a young and not particularly aspiring accountant in southern California.

She had rough time of it when her K activated, which I share to inform readers who might be eager to experience “kundalini bliss” – her hair fell out; skin became plagued with cysts; partner left; family turned their backs on her; she and her dog alternated between living in her car and “couch surfing” with anyone who took them in… and she became a galactic (Sirian) contactee who received etheric biotech enhancements as well as loads of intense information that she began sharing with others.

Lisa went from being a quiet young woman who had defaulted into her father’s career path by assisting in his accounting office (if memory serves – I believe this is a close enough accounting of her trails to at least give you a sense of her; if I’m off a bit it’s to a forgivable degree) to a powerful spiritual warrior and leader of a spiritual community that was forming around her when I first encountered her.

She was quickly becoming more ‘known’ but then completely retreated from the public and focused on her community that financially supported her, and (I just learned in this interview) she married Tomas, who came along and built & managed her internet presence and provided great emotional support. He’s just completed her revamped site, and they are also building a glossary of ascension terms and concepts.

This all may be way more than you care to know, but I find people’s backstory interesting so I’m inclined to share it. Especially when they end up on a journey like Lisa’s.

I’d prefer this conversation with James included specific current info from her ‘Guardians,’ if indeed she is still in touch with them, which I don’t actually know. (If you do, maybe you’ll enlighten us.) Contacts like this often have their “moment,” then take their leave. Life is filled with nothing if not impermanence.

A considerable chunk of this hour is spent discussing things like the collective dark night of the soul we’re in currently, wayward lightworkers and limelight seekers, how people with what might be termed stronger spiritual wattage are often sought out and messed with by dark beings (to derail them from their work – I’m too familiar with this routine myself), and such. It’s not all “love & light” is largely the theme here. They also touch on their contact with various feline species that exist in 5D, 6D & 7D  :)

Here’s the link to the interview, if interested

This one links to a recent post of Lisa’s on alien abduction, MILABS, etc, if this subject speaks to you: .

Lisa’s POV (whatever the subject) is typically deep and illuminates corners of situations not usually addressed, which is what I appreciate most about her. Sometimes her info gets so dense she loses me, but I will always at least give it a shot!

Love all,


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