Awakened Kundalini: Mysteries Abound

T330_6913_Untitled-6As you are aware if you’ve been reading this blog, I’ve experienced awakened kundalini. This is becoming a more frequent occurrence among humans, as collectively we move deeper into the energies that are shaking things up for the “big boost” in consciousness here on Earth. We are upgrading from homo sapiens to homo luminous (home noeticus, homo galacticus, take your pick :) – regardless the often-convincing evidence to the contrary!

Comparing one person’s litany of experiences with another’s is a tricky affair, because this is a journey precisely tailored to each soul’s profound  uniqueness. That said, there are themes that can be compared and contrasted among experiencers. I’m sharing a video at the end of this post to provide more info along the line of potential “symptoms” of active kundalini, and what actions might be helpful if such things are happening  in your extremely local universe.

I’ve actually had two separate dances with kundalini: the first occurred right around 1990. This episode was much more mild and manageable than what came on at the end of the 90’s decade. The second activation was extraordinarily intense, chaotic, painful, blissful, disorienting, intoxicating… all manner of mysterious and extreme sensations, impressions, emotions, and psycho-spiritual insights were in the mix for about 8 years, at which point I had a single, massive life-altering experience followed by a ramp-down of energies…

… and a completely changed life.

I knew right off each time that it was kundalini on the move, and I knew not to fight it with doctors and pharmaceuticals. Kundalini was in charge; who am I to combat the Divine??

I’ve been reflecting on my experiences lately, because I find myself now with a neurological condition that has been troubling me intermittently for the past 2-3 years. It’s a painful sensation of nerves on fire in my upper body – upper arms, shoulders, and upper chest mostly. If you can imagine what it might feel like to have fire ants gnawing on your nerve endings (subdermally), or hot grease splattering all over you endlessly (again, under the skin, not on the surface)… that approximates this.

(If you happen to be aware of “peripheral neuropathy,” a condition afflicting many diabetics where pain develops in toes and fingers due to nerves dying from lack of circulation, this isn’t that. Similar sensation, but not peripheral, and my circulation is fine. If you have experience with – or clues about – this, please connect!)

I had a series of MRIs last summer, and while I’ve talked with my neurologist about the results of those images, I will at long last be seeing them myself this week. (Another challenge to my nerves! Kidding, but I am a bit nervous about this.)


NOT my MRI; just found this  online. I’m not expecting my “lights” to be this pronounced.

I know the brain images feature curious sparks of light in them. I’m told the cause of these is unknown, though they’ve appeared in the MRIs of people with various diseases. I doubt in my case these lights have anything to do with those diseases; I suspect this is a phenom unto itself that thus far remains a mystery to medicine.

You might be catching on by now that I’m wondering if both of these conditions – the neuropathy and the lights – are related to each other, and moreover might be related to kundalini. Was my nervous system damaged by years of excess amperage running through it? (I do generally feel like I “wear my nerves on the outside” now… something to which I’m sure many empaths can relate… )

Did all that electrical energy pumping up my spine into my skull create what I’m currently supposing are microburst blood vessels in the brain? At the time that my K was roaring, I often heard zipping, sizzling, and “explosions” in my skull that sounded identical to fireworks.

Where might all this be heading? The past few months have been rife with health issues that have offered all kinds of hurt but no easy diagnosis or remedy. My spirit has felt… well… the opposite of raging with energy, and my attitude has been heavy with concern.

Today, for whatever reason, I’m feeling somewhat revived, so can share this infornation with you from more of a neutral observer perspective. Still full of questions, to be sure. If any answers come to light, so to speak, I’ll be back with a follow-up report.Divine-Sophia_647x300

Meanwhile, below is a video presentation by therapist Craig Holliday, who’s been through his own kundalini awakening. He makes some good points; I’ll leave it to you to identify “ah-has” for yourself, if you are kundalini curious, or an experiencer.

May you be blessed,


As always, tho seldom mentioned, donations so very appreciated. Bless!

We Are One

Here’s Non Dual teacher and therapist Craig Holliday sharing about his Kundalini Awakening (other videos and info from Craig listed by this one on youtube):

6 comments on “Awakened Kundalini: Mysteries Abound

  1. Dear Whitehawk, Thank you for sharing. I can totally relate. Please keep us posted. ~ J

    On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 7:42 AM, Winging with Whitehawk wrote:

    > Whitehawk posted: “As you are aware if you’ve been reading this blog, I’ve > experienced awakened kundalini. This is becoming a more frequent occurrence > among humans, as collectively we move deeper into the energies that are > shaking things up for the “big boost” in consciousn” >


  2. I am curious if you’ve received any additional information regarding your nerve pain? This sounds almost identical to my experience. I was finally diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy, which is not the same as Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. The onset was consistent with the timing of my spiritual awakening, although I don’t know for sure that it was a Kundalini awakening. I found you because I was wondering if anyone else had similar nerve symptoms during this crazy life transition.

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    • Dear Damara Major – No I have not had any new medical revelations about the nerve pain and am so grateful for your comment and the sharing of your diagnosis! Also very interesting to me is … while last year – 2019 – was the worst yet re: this condition, it has calmed down to basically zero for the last 7 months, but then several days ago, that “sizzling” sensation started up just a little, practically on cue with your comment raising the subject! No idea what to make of this, but find the coincidence interesting. It just kind of sparked for 2-3 days, then subsided. Your diagnosis gives me something to work with, should the fire “rage” again in the future.

      I’m also glad to revisit this post from 3.5 years ago, and see the video again. A few months ago someone tried to challenge me on all the pain and trouble involved with living with kundalini (in my case), as her “spiritual teacher” claims K is BLISS. Like: Bliss. Period. This friend has no personal experience with it whatsoever, and tried to tell me I was wrong about something I’ve lived with for 30 years now. Anyway. I digress ;) …

      After a period of engagement with one of the most highly regarded medical centers in the country (supposedly!), they simply said they have no idea what it is or what’s causing it but “HERE, take these drugs EVERY DAY” for the rest of time. NO THANK YOU to that! The drugs do not help the condition, they just dull your brain to not fret about it as much.

      Last year I finally experimented with CBD oil (non-THC formula, as it’s still illegal in this state) from a wonderful company that offers discounts to people of (very) modest means – which would be me. They also donate a good portion of their profits to orgs that are really helping people. Their CBD oil was the first thing in all these years that at least took a bit of the EDGE OFF the subdermal flaming. Not a “fix” but made it a tad more bearable, which for me was HUGE.I consider them earth angels and recommend their products to anyone with painful challenges that are not being helped by AMA practitioners. The company is Lazarus Naturals in Oregon, which you can google if interested. I’ve also discovered that their pet CBD product is easy to give to cats, because of its mint flavor (cannabis has mint undertones)… so cats accept is like they do catnip (also a mint)!

      Thank you for your comment. It is so gratefully received by me, and I will remember this if the neural flames rage again in the future. Bless you! Love, Whitehawk


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