The Cat Who Came Back – Part 1

15697600_975923882508313_736194526772495389_nThis is a love story for those who dearly appreciate animals, and/or have known an exceptionally close bond with a beloved pet.

I once had a cat (or should I say, he once had me ;) who was the greatest cat in the world.

I know: that’s what they all say. Perhaps you’ll resonate when I tell you, this was a gift-from-heaven soul mate in the form of a beautiful, large, pure white, angelic, amber-eyed, magical feline being. Male.

Our life together began when he was a tiny kitten – very mouse-like with his pink ears, paw pads, and nose – and I was in my (slightly less pink) late teens. I chose him from a litter of four kittens – two pure white and two pure black. I was told the kittens were 1/4 Siamese, which often come out either all black or all white for some reason.

The only hint of Siamese in my cat – my Zander – was his voice. He had a long, loud, almost mournful miiiaaoooooo that he was never shy to use – particularly when food was somehow involved. Or he wanted out. Or in. Or out.

Initially, my parents were concerned I wouldn’t be responsible with a pet; but this fabulous feline called forth my care, protection, and boundless love as we co-habbed with all sorts of illustrious college students, post-college house mates, a (former) husband, and the various dogs and cats that came with them all.

Everyone I lived with witnessed Zander’s psychic ability to know when I was coming home. Regardless what random time that might be, the “Great White” knew I was on my way, and assumed a position near the door about 10 minutes in advance, anticipating my arrival.

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We traveled around the continental US covering I don’t know how many miles, in how many vehicles, with how many people. Zander moved house with me something like 17 times in the *22 years* we had together. As long as he was with me, and could sleep on my bed at night, he was a happy boy. A mellow fellow.

Zander was even my homing device when I traveled OOB (out of body) – I’d zoom in through walls or windows or down through rooftops on my return trip until spotting his white furry self… plunk! Home!

I carried him around perched up by my right shoulder, his front paw wrapped around the back of my neck.

We were a unit.

Ultimately, after 22+ years, a very frail Zander made his final exit from my bed – it was only right – assisted by a compassionate vet who made house calls when he (and I) needed to finally let go. I was so thankful not to have to put him through the ordeal of hauling him out to a noisy, scary vet practice, to die in a cold strange place. This gentle manner of parting was the best possible scenario.

And to add a bit of context: my father had died 4 months prior to this, and my mother passed 2 months later.


A densely packed period of loss, loss, and more loss; grief, grief, and more grief.

But you know what – Zander’s etheric form remained on my bed for some months after his physical departure! I still saw him there while I was either out of body, or “seeing” while out of phase (perceiving 4D while in-body). Eventually, though, Zander moved on.

Greetings from Summerland

14333619_1261502053868286_1404270227323612319_nSo… years passed. Eventually I began having regular sessions with “my guides” – ascended beings with whom I felt an uncanny connection during our very first conversation.

I’d had countless sessions with psychics, channels, astrologers, etc, prior to this, being the ever-questing spirit that I am… but the beings who spoke through this particular woman were “home” for me somehow; profoundly familiar from the get-go.

They confirmed that we’d been connected on higher planes long before meeting in 3D via this channel. They were tremendously helpful throughout my whole kundalini period, had much input also about the “so-called twin flame” that walked right into the middle of that “Special K” time, counseled me on my health, and were “there” for countless other things.  (As of this writing, I haven’t had a reading of any kind in years.)

During one session they said – almost sang – rather cryptically, “There’s an animal coming who will open your heart again … help you LOVE again!” (I was solidly off of men after divorcing and frankly didn’t know if that would, or could, ever change. My nearest relatives were gone. My heart was essentially out of business.)

“An animal?” I asked. “You mean, another cat?

“Welllll we can’t tell you everything… ” they replied.

At that point I had two other cats – ferals I’d rescued from immanent death while still grieving. That whole experience could be a book in itself; they were a major handful of WILD for the first year or so; we all did a lot of healing together.

“I have two cats here now!” I nearly wailed.

“Yes, and they are wonderful, but that doesn’t matter … ” they responded, and that was the end of the subject for that session, leaving me to wonder what the heck they were talking about.

Fast-forward about a year… no “mystery animal” thus far

I was having another talk with my dear guides when suddenly out of the blue they announced:

“Zander is here with us!”

He had been gone for years by then, and had never come up in any other readings before this.

ZANDER’S WITH YOU?” I gasped, stunned beyond belief, instantly becoming weepy… voice choking up (all of which was recorded).

They joyfully responded, “Yes, he’s been living in Summerland (i.e. a nice afterlife zone) … and wants to come and be with you again!”

That was something to take in, I have to say! Very emotional to hear about his happy life in an idyllic setting, and his wish to return to (not-so-idyllic) earthly life with me.

At this point you may think I’m off my rocker, but 22 years is a long time to bond with anyone… and this “one” happened to be a delightful soul in feline form capable of a whole lotta love.

Who can argue with love, in whatever form it comes?

Continued in part 2

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