The Deadline & Your Miraculous Imagination

Greetings from a wee-hours cosmic journey :)  I’m sharing with you two videos I believe are well worth your attention:

  1. The first one is a documentary about Earth’s “deadline” to prove itself peaceful and therefore worthy of becoming a participating member in the “greater community” of evolved galactic neighbors
  2. Second is a 20-minute how-to about a technique to train your imagination prior to falling asleep to perform “miracles.”

The Deadline

01astraltraveltootherworldsI just watched this film based on a particular theme of messages brought through the amazing Brazilian medium Xavier Chico (now deceased)… whose caliber of abilities, from what I’ve seen, could easily rival Edgar Cayce’s in this country (USA).

This is the man whose consistent ability to bring through extensive “letters” from loved ones in the afterlife realm resulted in the Brazilian movie, Astral City. Astral City focuses on the afterlife experiences (including the spiritual growth) of a man who, on earth, was an arrogant doctor who died (if memory serves) in the 1930’s. Astral City was a fairly successful movie that’s available on dvd and now also on GAIATV.

Xavier Chico was a beloved, famous, though ever humble, man (from a very difficult background) who gave of his gifts around the clock, without charge. He was considered a virtual saint in Brazil.

The whole theme of this documentary I’m linking in this post is what Chico referred to as The Deadline. He was told that in July 1969 angelic beings from all over the cosmos visited earth to consider where we were in what I’ll call our evolutionary process. We are known far and wide as a war-loving species that will not earn “membership” (and exponential growth as souls) in the greater galactic community of advanced beings if we don’t get over this blood lust and obsession with dominating others via fear-inducing tactics and wars. (The reptilian-driven agenda that has profoundly infested the motivations of men.)

This “angelic” congress (I’m guessing extraterrestrials and intradimensionals included) according to info rec’d by Chico gave earthlings a 50-year window to get with PEACE as our primary intention/direction, or we’re facing our own ruin. The earth itself will crank up its own abilities to make itself uninhabitable to this unrelentingly destructive species that collectively acts as a cancer to dear Gaia.

I’ve always personally wondered if the prophecied “thousand years of peace” referred to humans living in peace, or earth (3D) having 1000 years to just rest after the destruction humans have caused here.

July 2019

This 50-year window ends in July 2019. Chico says in this film “If we can keep peace for 50 years… ” etc., and I’m thinking, KEEP PEACE? There hasn’t been an absence of war on this planet since I’ve been alive. He may have been specifically referring to keeping our hands off the nuclear bomb button, which would drop the final curtain, but jeeeez, constantly living at the mercy of insane power mongers is certainly not peace.

Here is that film, with English subtitles, if interested:

Channeling God to Perform “Miracles”

On a more upbeat note, via a renowned spiritual teacher from the 1950-60’s era, whose output of books was bequeathed to me by a friend of my mother’s – Neville Goddard – comes this 20-minute youtube of a self-help recording from 1955 about how to use your imagination (your beautiful, powerful imagination; your link with the Divine :) every night before sleep to channel God (the Animating Force of the Universe) into actualizing your desires. Thanks to Sophia Love for bringing this to my attention!

It’s simple, clearly and invitingly described, and I started using it last night myself to “perform miracles” on my own health issues. I aspire to stick with it for imagining world peace as well.


Other Goddard (I think of him as “God-ward” :) recordings available thru this link also.

Peace be with us, in us, and activated through us :)

Whitehawk ox


3 comments on “The Deadline & Your Miraculous Imagination

  1. Secure team 10 just had a vidio on the 1976 British alien voice over their news clearly explaining all we feel now., We’re about to go into The age of Aquarius,this is our time we must find peace & instructions to find your true self & spread love & peace. Bobby c


  2. Thanks for sharing the Neville Goddard recording. I’ve found his teachings to be the most effective of many I’ve worked with over the years. Another good source of information is


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