Energies that Power Creation


Energies that Power Creation Through Us

A few ponderables as the sun rises this Sunday morning:

Love, trust, faith, compassion, grace, and gratitude are not just intellectual concepts.

Compassion is not “an idea whose time has come.” Compassion is an energy that creates great oscillations in the fabric of our universe.

Grace is not a religious notion or promise; it is a palpable energy that can be witnessed and utilized in the world around you.

Faith and trust are not promises or bargains to be kept. They are frequencies that power each breath that you take. With each in-breath and out-breath, your soul takes in the Divine.

Gratitude is not polite statements we are taught as children. It is an energetic acknowledgment to the universe that you are in alignment with Source Creator.

Love is not a romantic or religious exclamation. Love is quite profoundly the energy that powers all of creation.

It takes an ongoing commitment to truly recognize and embrace these frequencies. It takes a daily, conscious choice to remain awake and honor yourself and all creation by living in the integrity of these energies.

~from Protocols of the Fifth Dimension



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