Phase Cohering with Source


Phase Cohering with Source  – and Sacha Stone – in Bali

Every now and then I check in with the illustrious (to put it mildly) native South African visionary, Sacha Stone. Elements of his world view – and his trademark capacity for linguistic acrobatics – are transmitted in this rapid-fire 30-minute interview with Ilona Selke.

Also, below the youtube screen, find a link to the latest online issue of NEO (New Earth Oracle) magazine, which is a must-see, for an inspirational boost. A living demonstration that it can be done.

These “New Earthers” are demonstrating manifestation magic in Bali. I suspect having Stone as their primary public interface has everything to do with their magnetizing of talented people and abundant resources. It’s a stunning community thus far – at least, the photos are fabulous. If everyone can get along and continue creating together, imagine the possibilities.

One stunning image after another. This is a click-thru online magazine for your perusal, the perfect follow-up to the interview above:

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