More re: Mogay, Archons & Us


More re: Mogay, Archons, and Us as We Move Deeper into Higher Frequencies

I’ve noticed a fresh wave of interest in the Interview with a Stranded Alien post from last year, so I watched it again and have more to say about this, and also would like to bring your attention to another interview while here, as both are related imo.

For your discernment

First: the Mogay entity coming through Kim (the channel) sounds like an archonic being putting a more… positive?… or at least more neutral… and expansive … spin on its “interface” with humanity than I’ve heard anywhere else.

In a way it brings to mind the epic Hidden Hand interview that I’ve discussed here intermittently over the years.

It’s actually a fascinating spin to take into consideration, explaining how this very alien “life form,” if one could even call it this (it’s a conscious electric energy), got catapulted into our solar system by a catastrophic cosmic event in an altogether other universe, leaving them stranded in a strange land, and doing what they had to to adapt to their circumstances.

Then: last night I listened to another interview that I’d also heard sometime last year, about a psychologist’s career dealing with scores of schizophrenics in prison (where schizophrenics typically end up, as public mental institutions have largely been defunded and shuttered in recent decades).

The psychologist’s findings re: the “mentally ill” present a radical departure from the medical/pharmaceutical machine that has become all about pushing drugs to numb minds rather than actually looking at the situation with a fresh eye and listening to the thousands of people who are tormented by inner voices that keep them down and socially outcast.

It’s an illuminating 45-minute interview that picks up steam after what seemed to me an awkward start with a nervous insider and leads the listener into a perspective worth considering re: what might really be going on with people suffering from mental illness.

That interview is here: Those Voices in Your Head? 

These two interviews together add up to something of a jackpot of insight re: archons, how they got here, what they’re doing here, and ultimately (according to Mogay) their need to find a way back to their own universe, which is NOT part of this one.

The Mogay interview puts more substance into the archon “agenda,” and explains that:

  • they are doing what they’ve needed to to survive a situation they didn’t ask for and were catapulted into via the destruction of their world
  • their presence here is part of the education of the earth experience  – for all involved, I would suggest, in this unique setup of duality

EDIT: This Mogay conversation never alludes to this being as an archon, and the women involved seem to either have no awareness of the archon presence here on earth that many have accepted as real, or didn’t connect Mogay with the archon saga.

I’m also clear that archons are feeling the pressure of earth’s transition into higher frequencies, as are all beings they’ve been “sharing the ride with” here for millennia – those we typically have been referring to as cabal, illuminati, reptilians, and all service-to-self humans who have been, basically, the 3D avatars of these beings. They know they have to leave or face – what, annihilation? eviction to another world?? – and  Mogay seems to be an ambassador of sorts, bringing their ‘plight’ to the people.

I highly recommend that you take time to listen to these two interviews, even if – like me – you’ve heard them before.  Harboring anger, fear, and myriad negative attitudes & emotions re: this situation is likely not helpful at this point.

Comprehension can lead to compassion and the awareness that all beings have their points of origin and an instinct to survive. Also, most reading this post are interested in the event/shift/ascension/transition into higher frequencies in this NEW AREA OF THE COSMOS we’re entering for our next stage of being. We know we’re in bifurcation now; the ca-ca is flying everywhere we look.

It can be rough on everyone. Don’t we all know it. We’re in the ultimate learning curve here.

Can you try considering the archons have been as stuck with us as we’ve been with them? We don’t like them, naturally. Animals don’t like what we do to them either, do they! Nor does Gaia. On & on. But we’ve been in this abusive groove for ages, and the fallout is horrific in so many ways.

But now

Now comes awakening, awareness, forgiveness, and arrival in the new energy and era for all whose “state” has achieved a certain elevation in consciousness. Hatred, resentment etc are not elevated states. Knowing with compassion: much closer to the goal.

Onward ho. Bless all. Whitehawk

Also relevant, also “advanced”: the Ja’li material

 Your gift honors this offering
Thank you. Bless you.


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