Preparing for the Promise

Today I’m feeling moved to call attention to a creative being who packs power in her expression: Alison Nappi.  While combing through graphics for this post, I laid eyes on the one here and instantly felt the fit.


It spoke to me visually and viscerally about the individual’s frequency encountering the incoming frequency of the cosmos. At first the impact of meeting at this depth (the vesica pisces –aka piscis – in this image) can be intense, discordant, overwhelming, chaotic, even (especially, ultimately) system-shattering.

We are in the vesica pisces of a deep meeting NOW – the deepest encounter demanding the deepest integration by us that we may ever know in this life, and perhaps most others, as well.

This is our entré into energies of searing divine creativity with which we must become allies – even lovers in a sense – to proceed to manifest the luminous life I believe anyone who reads this blog is here to achieve:

Luminousity as an individual soul fully, unabashedly, deLightFully integrated within the collective One.

Think: infinite, exponential cosmic kundalini taking over the vehicle.

No more disenfranchisement or sense of being a once-free soul trapped in a contaminated petri dish.

Bless your participation in this blossoming NOW. Bless your experience of it, in it, and with it. Bless us, every one.

Big Love to you, Whitehawk

by Alison Nappi

When the hour is upon you, and the pain has already subsided into vague exhaustion…

When all the pieces of the solutions to it all have been collected, lie all around you, but you are too weary to put them into order, or you are out of time, and cannot carry out the demands of the new world you are building…

When you look at the historical evidence of your life, and the math doesn’t work because it has been 90% pain, and 10% of something better then that, spread out among tiny moments over decades…

When you are nihilistic and ready to surrender it all, even the blood that flows through your veins…

You are almost ready, then, to receive the Promise you have been chasing all those years.

Emptied of your anger, your passion, your joy and even your sorrow; when you’ve lost your ambitions in the fullness of the empty space of no-thing moves-thee, there is where Source can show you what you need and want.

Once you see it, and every fiber of your weary being, even your broken, bleeding heart, cries out YES in one unified instant, “it” and more importantly, YOU, can finally be delivered.

Life can change very, very fast when you are unified.

I should know… I’m in an international whirlwind of change right now. It’s so new and so fast that I haven’t even processed it enough to go into details yet. But believe me, I have much more to share with you!

But for now, I say: fast, clean manifestation requires your integrated, unconflicted YES!

Even I get overwhelmed.

In fact, living on the creative edge is often overwhelming. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by sensations in my body, like I am a highway on fire. Sometimes I feel constricted in my chest, as if my demise was immanent, while sitting in paradise or driving my car. I think most people live with some degree of this condition, but for me, it is so visceral, that I cannot not touch it sometimes.

My own fire burned my fingerprints away. My identity never settles in one place for long. I know that wildness has infinite forms, and that sometimes we walk through the film-doors of realms from one block to another, but we are too stressed to feel it. We feel, instead, the neurological programming hard wired into our bodies because of the hardship of humans in survival of form.

The forging of who and what you are, as a mortal with a name and a date of birth can feel brutal, and it’s traumatizing. Many souls who came with me, have not made it to our meeting places in time and space. Some were lost. Scheduled to begin a wave that churns the world two years from now, when they would be 40 but instead are currently six because they OD’d, or suicided, or were murdered by jealous lovers. Let us take a moment to grieve what has been lost, and to feel gratitude that we survived this far.

Let us now pronounce that survival is not enough.

We give up our striving.
We did not come to as slaves and we shall not leave that way.
We use all our eyes, all our hands, all our love.

We do only what we are meant for, and we erase “have to,” from our vocabularies, lest we reference joy, peace and love.

We make the art of living our priority, a living prayer that will echo forever. We do what it takes to be proud of our art, after our bodies have lain down for the long sleep.

We fear not death, for we have met Her many times.
We fear not life, for always we grow back.

We live with wildness and awe,
in grace and with purpose.

We submit only to the authority of the One-Love, who casts aside no one and nothing, because that is impossible for Oneness.

Instead, we step into the authority of She who forged us from fire, from lightening and we watch the sea open its wide mouth and let us pass, because we are in the truth of the greater mathematical design we call our lives.

Alison Nappi’s website

 Thank You


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