Kundalini & the Amplification of Senses

Anyone who’s experienced activated kundalini has likely experienced overwhelming sensory amplification. A couple of years ago (maybe more) this woman, Brooke Robertson, came to my awareness when she was a “kundalini newbie”  hanging out with a teacher who goes by the name Chrism.

Now she appears to be on her own posting videos about her experiences from a vantage point of accumulated personal knowing. Perhaps something here for those whose kundalini has risen and is creating confusing sensory overload – a very distracting situation that can affect one sense at a time or numerous senses at once.   Love all… Whitehawk

As an afterthought I’m also including an earlier video of Brooke’s on the topic “Fragmentation/ Dark Night of the Soul.” The influence of “Chrism” is apparent in this second one; they have obviously since parted ways.  

Further comments from Brooke regarding this video (tempted to edit but left intact):

Other phenomena that I did not mention: dis-incarnate entities—seeing hearing or being influenced by kriyas (involuntary movement)—physical—shaking kriyas or yogic posture kriyas, even emotional kriyas where you simply cannot control the emotional body (I spoke on this in this video) also electrical kriyas. Many many more experiences/symptoms; only naming a few here.

As a reminder, with any and all of my writing, videos and audios – I am not speaking to severe mental illness or other health conditions. This is written to those who identify with the Kundalini awakening process and can relate to the process of transition that this site is dedicated to. If you are experiencing mental illness or severe conditions of any type contact your professional.

Kundalini Fragmentation / Dark Night of the Soul


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