The Inner Wellspring

A quick glance around the web shows me that the topic of light language (of which there are endless varieties, in verbal and graphic forms) is kind of on trend currently.

Is it becoming a more common human experience? Or just one of those things that’s a bit energized because it’s mysterious, intriguing, and rare?

Many people (mostly women, from what I’ve seen thus far) speak or sing so-called light languages, while others scribe glyphs that they receive on the inner planes. Some really do seem inspired; others seem inauthentic. (Same goes for virtually any subject or field.) At any rate, the topic is “up.”

I’ve been pondering my inclination to accept the idea that these codes are being shown or given to certain humans in a kind of top-down bestowal. I may have surmised that when we get “codes” or symbols like this, we’re being downloaded with “higher” information or wisdom, in prep for the beings we are becoming. From our POV, this mysterious material is suddenly appearing to us. Surely it must be coming from “up there” somewhere?

Today though I’ve got an alternative scenario wanting air time, claiming that it’s not about “incoming” data at all. This phenom may well be about liberating all manner of knowledge that we’ve already acquired or developed over many lifetimes and timelines… which has been archived in locked vaults of our subconscious depths for unimaginable eons.

We’ve had no clue, even, as to the existence of our own deep reservoir of ageless, timeless, transdimensional, intergalactic wisdom.

I’m resonating with this idea of info gushing (or trickling) forth from our own inner wells as rememberings. These then project onto the inner screen(s) of our waking consciousness, and out into the collective from there, where they’ll begin to be cognized… and recognized.

Maybe it’s more about remembering who we actually are than receiving new info for us to then “grow into” along the way. We’re coming home to ourselves, and our long-dormant native ways of communicating. Maybe?

Love, Whitehawk


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