Whitehawk Update #1 – The Healing

Much to talk about. Rather than one massive post, I’m breaking it up into (hopefully) manageable pieces, this being the first.

We are really in the thick of the New Field now. I’d so love to hear from you – and invite you to share your stories in comments. I have a few personal experiences to share, and I’m very interested to hear what’s going on with you lately, too! We learn from each other – yes?

My “Miraculous” Healing

I’ve spoken here before about neurological problems that have caused me all kinds of pain, discomfort & difficulty (like non-working limbs). This has been going on for the past couple of years, adding to numerous other health issues. Quite the mess. I went through a litany of “health care professionals” who were stumped re: what to diagnose or do. The further down this path I traveled (without insurance, I might add), the more disheartening it became that no one seemed to know anything. I mean, cripes, what are they teaching in med school lately? Nothing remotely holistic, from what I see.

As of last Fall, problems in my upper spine had also set up a perpetual base-of-skull migraine that went on and on for about six months. After meeting with a half-dozen doctors (maybe more, if I’d stop to count), I was referred to a “pain management” group, where I naively thought, at last someone would help me with this pain.

What I learned instead was that a nation-wide mandate (in the US) was put in place in 2016 to forbid pain meds from being prescribed to patients with chronic pain. This really sent me over the edge, as I was IN chronic pain and no one was helping with it in any way! And now this! Moreover, “migraines are too mysterious” I was told, and this pain group didn’t address them at all.

My former primary care provider actually quit her practice after this pain-med matter happened. Doctors are possibly as unhappy with this hog-tie of a situation as patients are.

I know, I know: they’re trying to curtail problems with opiate addictions. That’s their story. But I was at the end of my rope, living in constant misery, a trail of x-rays and MRIs and numerous clueless doctors of various specialties telling me they didn’t know what was causing this odd array of miserable problems I was living with. I had been passed around for months and ultimately felt totally betrayed by the medical system industry. Nothing fun about being given up on (rather nonchalantly, too; the next patient is waiting… ), and living in hopelessness.

Here’s what happened next (Cliff’s Notes version):

One day I felt a very odd kind of pressure in my lower abdomen – the ‘dan tien’ area, or hara, the “sea of chi” power center for the body. Just below the navel.

There was nothing “digestive” about this. It was a sensation I’d never felt before… and over the hours this pressure expanded throughout the entire core of my being.

I stayed in bed with this, witnessing the increase in this peculiar, growing pressure over the course of the day, wondering.

Then in the early evening, my body went into intense, intense strangeness. I felt as tho on fire – an energetic fire – and was sopping with perspiration. Then I lost my sight! Literally went into absolute blackness, seeing nothing at all.

I somehow thought to get into the bathroom (wanting water for heat relief I suppose) – and, after stumbling and bumping my way there, collapsed on the bathroom floor – which actually felt good because it was cool and I was burning up.

And then… I blacked out altogether, there on the floor.

Coming around a few minutes later, I discovered I was HEALED. I had no prior clue that this ordeal was all about healing!

After such a long time in pain, by head was relieved, my neck could move again – it was AMAZING. It took its time coming, but wow, what an experience once it arrived! Fascinating (to me at least!) that this began in the dan tien and spread from there.

Fascinating also (and a lesson) that it took me two years to get to this demonstration of “having the power within” (even without consciously summoning it) to take care of something that I’d been searching for externally. Who would have thought that my spine and skull would be healed via the dan tien center?

I had been completely blocking my own power. Like, forever. Resulting in all this physical trouble, because the buck stops here.

SO: A fantastic argument for Tai Chi, Qi Gong, eastern medicine, meditation, etc!!

This healing came from a level of self other than my own (“little me”) conscious awareness and intention. It happened spontaneously one day, initiated from a level I had forgotten was “in control.” After all my time with active kundalini, I thought gahhh, had I learned nothing??

So this was a “graduate level” learning for me. Or maybe remedial?? I can be a slow learner, and forgetful. Maybe something here for others too?

We are all equipped for what we tend to think of as miracles, but it is OUR NATURE to have experiences like this. We just have to remember it… or maybe go through “demonstrations” like misery first before we catch on to our innate abilities to self-correct.

In the current field we’re in, our intentions and “mental atmosphere” in general are more powerful than ever before.

More coming.

Sending love,








3 comments on “Whitehawk Update #1 – The Healing

  1. Spontaneous healing is always fascinating. Wonder if you needed to exhaust all that modern man had to offer first before conceeding (agreeing?) to higher help? So glad that you are better, pain can tint even the happiest life as unhappy.


    • Yes, pain is a drag and a darkness on all other experience. It occurred to me after having posted this that actually, all this year I’ve been walking a labyrinth and speaking aloud all that’s on my mind, all I invite in to my life… including being CLEAR – clear health, clear heart, clear mind, and a clear (as in cleaned out) SUBCONSCIOUS! This is the basement where all our *stuff* froths and festers and creates trouble. So now I’m thinking I *did* (consciously) encourage this to happen, after all… tho I certainly didn’t recognize what was happening til it was a fait accompli :) Bless!

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