Whitehawk Update #2 – “Get Your Affairs In Order”

This is a quickie, but it was a real attention-grabber for me.

I was recently jolted out of sleep at 3AM with the words, get your affairs in order, echoing in my mind!

This was A Deal for me. It weighs.

It wasn’t like I was dreaming… which I may have been but no dream was “there” when I woke up with these words repeating.

Also, no further info was forthcoming, nor has anything “come in” re: this since. So of course I’m left wondering if I’m about to die, or what the heck.

Is it possible some great bifurcation is imminent (as prophesied by many) and this was my “warning”?

Since this happened, I’ve been binge-watching (as best I can with this pitiful internet we have here)  season 2 of The Leftovers. This is a 3-season series that begins at a time after a chunk of the earthly population just vanished without a trace, all at once. It’s by the producers of Lost, so you know it’s gonna be quite a ride “out there.”

Which it is.

I already know how the series ends, but meanwhile I’m stuck near the end of season 2, thanks to streaming issues.

Anyway. So, I just shared an exceptional healing experience in the last post, and now I’m sharing an advisory to “get my affairs in order.” Not the same vibe as, say, “Get your act together,” is it! Definitely a sense of finality to the language used.

And my affairs are not in order.

What next?





7 comments on “Whitehawk Update #2 – “Get Your Affairs In Order”

  1. Whitehawk, I’m guided to say this. It may answer why you got the mysterious message you got.

    There are MANY hints, not the least of which being the energies I’m feeling, that indicate that Gaia and the first wave are ready to launch. At the same time, there are many mundane-level truths that are about to explode out into public view.

    So, the “you” in the following may be more of a collective you than just you Whitehawk.

    If you are in the first wave, then yep, you’ll be leaving this world, but not through the death portal but instead through the ascension portal.

    If you are not in the first wave but are part of those who have recently completed, then you are about ready to became BMOC – Big Men On Campus. Time for the training wheels to come off and the big kid pants to go on.

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  2. Yes thank you GAF, this was my allusion via “great bifurcation imminent?” I’ve felt “done” for years (had a major ascension experience after years of active kundalini… and then *plopped* back here, totally unplugged from this matrix), a woman waiting, and supposing I’m still here to somehow assist. This is what my dreams have shown me for decades! Also, tho, nothing has played out quite as anticipated (ahem) so at this point I’m wondering like everyone else. Are you sporting your Big Kid Pants now? :) <3 ox

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  3. BTW GAF, might you share what energies you’ve been feeling? I’ve got one more post to bang out today, tho not sure I’m up to it *now,* I’ve been doing this for hours (ha, typo’d “ours” :)

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    • I’ve had my big kid pants on for so many years they are worn out (been “ascension-ready” since early 2011, did INTENSE energy work for 3 – 4 years until the Divine wouldn’t allow me to be used any more since late 2014). I could use some new crystalline pants. :-)

      Well, basically I just have more energy for about a month or so. I’ve been able to get out and walk, which I use errands as excuses for and yet I’m doing quite a bit and energy-wise it feels good. Sometimes my feet might hurt a bit after, but will recover in short order. This much walking (and feeling good from it) has literally not happened since the summer of 2013.

      My cat had declining health (at a physical level due to not wanting to eat real meat like he used to and will lean more towards cat food now) and was the worst I’d seen him about a month ago and he’s coming out of that steadily and I’ve not changed anything food-wise for him. He’ll be ascending with the first wave so I think he and I are feeling energies that are closer to where we are / have been and we’re now being allowed to move that way… the ball that was held at the bottom of the pool is allowed to rise up a bit more. Ahhh!

      In short – I FEEL GOOD!


  4. It was inspiring to hear you’ve endured enough pain to move past the smaller self (ego) in time & space and let go and let the greater Self continue its now conscious journey back to the eternal realms of perfection & wholeness. (Or as Nietzsche so eloquently put it: “Amor fati.”) Love your fate. Its been perfect all along. Continued success. *\0/* TeddyShark1

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  5. Yes…GAF and I have been following ‘The Leftovers’ and thought it might be those who departed were actually moved off planet but then towards the end knew it was something else, like a shift into a parallel timeline and is a fascinating series of the potential of those who were left over and dealing with it and the dogma of religion. What was told in the Bible and alot of prophecies were said that people would just disappear, not that Jesus was coming out of the clouds and rounding everyone up, and I know this NWO would like to play on those who take it literally, that they would all go to heaven….but in the left overs, they just split to another timeline, like this would probably be how it is, most would still be in their place or home, just without those who are ready to go, and those who will shift to another timeline. I wasn’t aware there would be a season 3 and thought that this was the end of the series.
    Lately I have been watching ‘The handmaid’s tale’ and that is another scenario that is disturbing in that religion takes over and women could no longer have children, but a few that became the Handmaids who had children for all the childless couples under a religious regime.
    I also have watched some hypnosis videos from Alba Weinman on you tube and a guy who spoke of the New earth and how he needed to get on with his business because it won’t be long before the shift of those who will be going thru the ascension portal.
    Interesting your insights on what is going on here! ;)

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  6. I came across alot of videos over the Mandela effect, and maybe some in my life are not so apparent because when I state a memory I have, they don’t remember it. I just took it as no one remembering those events or things that were discussed. One particular video I claims to know why and how we are experiencing these different timelines. It’s funny because the number 23 keeps showing up here and there, and I found out that there are 23 pairs of DNA in the human. So, connecting the dots here.
    Also, I came across those Quantum computers and wondered if they have something to do with the mandela effect too. They are going for millions of dollars and so they have sold a few, can’t imagine who can afford them but the rich elites which is scarey if they can do some major things with them.
    In the video that explains how 23 scientists got together after a ELE (extinction level event) in 2012, they created some sort of quantum computer that was able to go back and switch us to a parallel timeline. They also made changes in our bodies, as a bigger liver and putting the heart in the center…which has always been on the left side as I always remember, so it is interesting but a theory. Here is that video: https://youtu.be/ar_-ZhFZqSQ


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