Spirit Over Matrix

Tom Montauk is one of the most clear and articulate way-showers around, in my opinion. His awareness is not harnessed or colored by religion or ‘channeled’ material, etc.

He’s experienced.

(He also rather resembles Brad Pitt in a brunette form, not that this has any bearing whatsoever on his ability to put together exceptional information on deep topics ;)

I had a weird experience the other day, discussing Tom’s exceptional website with a FB group… and, lo & behold, I suddenly couldn’t access it! I was continually shunted off to another unrelated site instead, even after doing the whole cache-cleaning, cookie-clearing stuff one does when things go sideways like this.

Very annoying; I don’t appreciate being messed with. It seemed Facebook didn’t want me going there, but then the situation expanded to my being blocked from getting there regardless where I set off from, or which browser I used. Aggravating attempts at manipulating my experience.

My response? Spread awareness of Tom Montauk’s site even more.

I’ve posted Tom’s gripping material on this blog on numerous occasions, but I think this is the first time I’ve posted any of his videos.

Turns out I can’t link you directly to the specific video I intended to share here – which is the third of a 3-part playlist; the link is for the list as a unit. So, you can either watch all three from the beginning (they’re not long, well done, and they do connect dots “nicely & concisely”) or just click over to the one I thought I was sharing here in the first place!

These videos are –
1: What is the Matrix Control System?
2: Five Critical Human Weaknesses
3: Spirit Over Matter

Happy trails~ W



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