11-D Beings On The Nature Of Reality

This video was a totally random find that turned out to be interesting and share-worthy. It offers a window into a woman whose myriad supersensory skills are helping scientists and physicists learn about quantum physics… about which she seems particularly in-the-know. She’s being mentored by higher-D beings (Pleiadian hybrids are one source) on quantum physics and how things work.

Marina Jacobi’s consciousness seems very adept at receiving excellent information from “elsewhere” or maybe/also “elsewhen.”  Her youtube channel (The Harmonic Reactor – gotta love that) is loaded with videos in which she teaches what she receives from various sources, complete with visual aids. She is guided to offer a lot of illustrations (she creates) that support the information.

In this video, she’s interviewed by Kevin Moore and once I got through Moore’s promo stuff at the beginning, I found myself on a good ride (tho got a little frustrated with the host). She speaks excellent English and is impressively at ease and articulate with deep material.  Marina Jacobi:

UPDATE – Below is a brand new interview (7/30) with a different host (who’s not stuck on one question for an eternity ;) … and an interesting topic.

Fluctuating Realities


5 comments on “11-D Beings On The Nature Of Reality

  1. I really appreciated the video”s Whitehawk, as she solidified some things for me. Unfortunately, my circle has become considerably small (the word small doesn’t do it justice) due to a great deal of discernment and of course, a myriad of other reasons. I have ebbed and flowed with a select few on WordPress for the last few years. Your site was the first site I believe I was guided to in my veracious search for more answers. Thank you for your work and helping keep those of us on this path sane. It has been a hell of a run. : )


    • I’m honored, Pocahontas, to have played a part in accelerating your journey of discoveries! Thank you for your comment, it is received as a gift! And… “onward ho,” because what else is there to do??? Much love to you. ox:Whitehawk

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