Dear fellow navigators of this ascension timeline,

I trust you are finding useful, enlightening info on the Whitehawk blog… which is in its *TENTH* year on WordPress. Wow. It started as a place to share my kundalini and ascension experiences and thoughts, knowing that a tsunami of energies and visceral ascension experiences were about to wash over the planet en masse. As time passed we’ve gone on to explore various aspects of the nature of reality itself, which has been morphing and revealing itself in previously unimaginable ways!

I’ve mentioned before that my WP functionality has mysteriously been set back almost the entire ten years to a very clunky, old form. Very weird situation, and makes every post I make a convoluted effort to publish and my back room/dashboard features extremely primitive. I messaged to/fro with a WP “support” person for about two months re: this problem to no avail.

It’s time to make expansive changes and to that end I’m seeking others who resonate with my vision for Deep Light Media, an online presence featuring other writers and ‘experiencers,’ as well as podcasts & videos that resonate with the overall tone of this blog. A glance at my bio will show my background in media that enlightens, and I’m hankering to get back on that track and make the best possible use of the world wide web during the universe-wide transition.

As you may know if you’ve been here awhile, several years of active kundalini and its aftermath caused all stability to unravel for me. It was absolutely unavoidable for the “house of cards” that I efforted to perpetuate (meaning my typical American struggle to keep up with the endless demands of the matrix … something you might understand!) to completely disintegrate.

This is a key part of kundalini’s goal: to shake (or burn) out all that is not True, not aligned with universal benevolence, integrity, and overall collaborative purpose, to make way for the transition into a higher-frequency context. What happened next was I lost/sold everything I had and moved to a very small house in a rural mountain area in the eastern US. I was in desperate need of peaceful, nature-lush environs to just “steam off” the multidimensional mayhem that catapulted me into realms of such vast mystery and dismemberment.

While in many ways I am so very blessed by my current circumstances, I’ve also been challenged to thrive here. It seems that when there just couldn’t possibly be another *particle* to let go of, yet another thing unravels or is dismantled. This shift can certainly keep a person hopping. Certainly there are many joys, but the nuts and bolts end of the “old world ways” still weigh and consume a lot of time and energy.

I’ve been seeing – as you may have too – many lives quaking on precarious ledges, a condition/energy that ripples out into the collective. Beyond “regular folk” who are sharing their stories with various groups and chat rooms are people of some renown now seeking help via gofundme and similar crowdfunding sites, just to scrape something together to be able to get a roof over their heads.

These are accomplished people whose lives were dramatically altered ahead of the curve, who now simply can’t sustain themselves in the current constructs. I know this situation intimately! I say this fully aware that there are still many many people who cannot relate to this at all, and let it be known.

The sooner more people awaken and start creating the New together (ha – just typo’d to gather ;) … the sooner we can get through what for many is a difficult passage. I see my next effort in this regard to build out Deep Light Media, introduced below.

Many hang precariously by frayed threads as this shift progresses. If you are not one of them/us… you are blessed indeed. I am so very appreciative to those of you who have clicked through to my paypal account and shared your abundance with me in this way. It feels fantastic – quite healing, in fact – to have energy flow back to me as I endeavor to continue offering a refreshing and helpful array of information on this site… sharing much of myself along the way.

I really hope I live to see a total revision of this “money trap” that has become the meaning of life in 3D… but in the meantime, here we are!

This meandering post is essentially about two things:

Deep Light Media

If you are an experiencer (ie spiritual/metaphysical/kundalini/extra-dimensional or extraterrestrial themes) willing to share what you know/have learned/have seen/have been through, who can communicate (write/converse in English) and would be interested in co-creating a new platform with me, please do come forward via this email: whitehawk22 at, introduce yourself, and something beautiful might be seeded!

I will also need a savvy web developer who’s a WordPress wizard… I’m particularly attracted to certain packages offered thru Elegant Themes as a platform, and the new site will need to be elegantly integrated with various media and apps, so this probably wouldn’t be a project for beginners. It would be one for someone of like mind.

I intend DLM to be a smart win/win/win project serving the highest good with a view toward a New Earth. Other skillsets will be needed as well, but I’m keeping things as basic as possible for this post.

Humble Request

If you feel willing and are in a position to send a donation my way, NOW would be an excellent time to do so. I don’t know how to “prettify” this request … every now and then circumstances become serious enough to just come out and ask for support, regardless of how hard it is to do so. This is one of those times, so here I be.

OFFER: It would sooo please me to send you a copy of my published essay, “Deep Light and the Great Retruthing,” as a token of appreciation for monetary gifts. This 18-page ebook contains highlights of my experiences with awakened kundalini and is a pretty good ride of a read, if I do say so! I’ve not offered it before now because my intention is to expand it into a “real” book. But while that manifestation is still in the hopper I’m going ahead with this offer.

If you do not wish to receive the ebook (perhaps you already have it as part of the book, Kundalini Rising, for instance), simply indicate as much in the note section of the paypal transaction. 

Here’s the magic button:

I pray that benevolence, joy, and radiant wholeness be yours.

Much love & gratitude,







2 comments on “Announcements:::

  1. I am fairly new to the world of blogging. However, I am one of those you describe who was one day quite suddenly – and in a way I could not ignore – guided to exit the matrix. My old life fell away, most all of it. I subscribe to your blog, and will keep an eye on your developing vision. It sounds wonderfully visionary. Much love sister ♡


    • Soulsong44 – interesting, isn’t it, how we seem to be virtually reincarnating while still in these bodies! Changes can be so powerful and so abrupt, life can suddenly bear very little resemblance to what’s gone before. Thanks for speaking here, for your presence, for your support! Big love, Whitehawk

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