I can’t say I fully understand what just happened vis-à-vis the eclipse we just experienced the other day, but something really knocked me for a loop!

How are you doing? :-}

(Sidebar: this graphic isn’t a  great match for the post but I got a kick out of it so… voila! If I could edit it, I might change it to creativity/combustion/confusion, or maybe combustion/chaos/creativity! )

(Sidebar #2: video of Lisa Brown’s perspective re: shifting from the old matrix to the New included below.)

So: on August 21st (day of eclipse) we had a big black cloud roll right over the line-of-sight of the “show” the moment the eclipse was starting, and it stayed there the entire time, producing a rain shower for good measure. All around/above this sudden cloud were chemtrails. So my viewing of this event was by way of what I saw online, which, I must say, got totally bizarre.

I tuned into NASA’s (presumed) “eye on the sky” and witnessed something so weird I can’t imagine what was going on – both in the sky and at NASA – to be feeding us whatever that was they had going on.

So the event itself was strange in various ways.

In the aftermath, I felt my own energy wane pronouncedly. On the afternoon of the eclipse, as many others have reported, I felt wobbly and spinny. The next day was when the drain became seriously noticeable – I’d estimate about a 60% drop in my ability to maintain a balanced flow of life force.

But Wednesday brought the big dip to an empty tank, when I couldn’t seem to string two words together (total brain drain) or stay vertical beyond quick trips to the kitchen or bathroom. A total eclipse of my personal solar/soular power source seemed to be playing out…

That night (Wed), kundalini activated in my spine – a sweet and gentle writhing energy. K can come on very powerfully but this was a pleasant dance-like flow. Thursday and yesterday several shakti fonts occurred, meaning the sensation of sparkly energies flowing up and out the crown like a fountain. Both the writhing and the “fonting” hadn’t happened in quite a while, so the timing (apparently eclipse-related) was interesting.

Shakti fonts are something I generally associate with moments of extreme psycho-emotional engagement or inspiration. But these came on for no discernible reason… leading me to wonder if my energy body was undergoing a reset of some sort – i.e., a complete (cleansing?) drain followed by gentle kick-starts courtesy of effervescent kundalini. Pristine energy.

However, at the same time I have not been sleeping. Big issue. For weeks this has been going on, throwing what from my POV is a monkey wrench into whatever this is that’s been happening, or trying to happen, in my personal system. If I were energetically elevated enough perhaps this wouldn’t matter (?), but I’ve been feeling chronically exhausted… a strange state of energy-related affairs here. A confusing time!


More to share soon re: this experience of switching tracks from one reality, or realm, to another, but for now will leave you with what I found to be an interesting flow-of-consciousness by Lisa Transcendence Brown on exiting the old earth matrix.

Love all, Whitehawk




8 comments on “Twang:g:g

  1. W, I was able to be in the Totality path of the eclipse, although with a perfectly timed rain cloud, all I got to see was the before and after totality. I wanted to be IN the totality but I didn’t specify that I wanted to SEE the Totality (darnit – need to watch my words). Witnessing the transit was cool enough in itself and Totality was an awe inspiring experience regardless if I saw the corona or not. Imagine twilight on a 360 degree horizon followed by a sunshine rising up from the west.
    After I got home, I energetically crashed and took a two hour nap, woke up super groggy and disoriented. Functioning in daily society was difficult for the next few days: hard to focus on my job, didn’t feel very connected, lots of body twinges and tingles in odd places, headaches, exhausted but not able to sleep and truly rest. I did a lot of self reiki to help. I named it the Eclipse Hangover and figured it was a super intense upgrade of everything that needed to be upgraded. My co-workers (some are intuitives) had the same tiredness and inability to focus. Yesterday I felt a bit more integrated but still sensitive to foods and sights and sounds.
    I’m curious what happened with the NASA feed that was so bizarre? I see a 4 hour video on Youtube but am certain it’s been edited.


    • Hello Drue! Yes the eclipse hangover has been an “epidemic” this past week, interesting! The integration still goes on; feeling like one of those roly-poly toys that boings and boings to/fro after being hit … before finally settling back into balance :)

      Re: the weird eclipse footage from NASA, what I saw looked like a projection of an orange crescent light being bumped all over the place, as tho whoever was running the projector couldn’t ‘fix’ it where it was supposed to be in relation to the sun. The link below is of a youtube compilation of guys yelling about the fakeness of the eclipse. I’m NOT saying it was fake; I just don’t understand WHAT was going on there. So anyway, this video is approximately half (1st half) one guy ranting about a holographic goof… and then about halfway thru he includes clips of others ranting about it as well… one of these clips was of what I saw during the brief peek I had at NASA’s feed. It struck me so screwy, I clicked off. You’ll see the orange crescent being bumped all over the place in this clip (more than halfway thru the video, if I recall, tho I haven’t seen it since that day). Thanks for commenting! oxW


      • thanks for sharing that video. I saw the bumpy part at the end but the whole ‘fake moon’ thing makes me wonder. why can’t we see the moon even when it’s close to the sun? I know it’s “dark” at that point but why wouldn’t we see a dark disk? and the ‘absence’ of an object in those negatives….hmmmm will think about that one for a while.


  2. Haha! I was on your website last evening before you posted this, looking to see if you wrote anything about the effects of the eclipse, because I’m convinced that the flu I got last Friday is connected to it in some way. Before I go on, let me say that I’ve been in the business of transformation for years and years, and haven’t quite experienced something like this. There’s no physical reason that I should have gotten the flu (yes, high fever and everything). I was rested, I eat healthily, my life is in a stable and peaceful place, and I was feeling positive about some new ventures that are opening. Normally a pretty healthy person, I got knocked off my feet for about 48 hours by a respiratory flu that doesn’t seem to be going around our part of the nation. At the same time, I’m developing an awareness of a different reality that seems to fade in and out, like tuning to a radio station that you can get, and then there’s static. Or an image that’s solid, then seems to break up, then is solid again. I would have to write a whole other post to describe this new reality, but let’s just say it’s been gradually coming for years, so it’s not a surprise but a very welcome shift. My best guess, if I’m going the metaphysical route, is to say that the eclipse intensified changes that were already happening, and gave the awakening process a boost. My sense during the worst of the illness was that everything that couldn’t be supported by this new vibration was being eliminated by the fever. I’m not totally over it yet, so it will take a few months to see if this theory is correct. Thanks for your post, Whitehawk. It helps to know that others are experiencing unusual physical/emotional/spiritual phenomena.


    • My sense is that you’re on the right rack re: what that flu was about, Satya! Heat has a big role in our transformation, I suspect. I’ve been feeling a lot of heat myself this past week, which may well also be related in a similar way re: the eclipse, and the transmutation of old energies that need to be cleansed. Kind of an alchemist’s crucible! And of course kundalini is like a liquid energetic fire. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! <3


  3. Great to hear from u again!!! Have also been very tired and in blank space for a while.
    Totally got Lisa’s explanation. Going through it too, its only just gotten easier. But boy sometimes it felt like trying to give birth to a piano!!!! There is an old book “Space, time & beyond” that graphics her info very clearly. Always enjoy reading your posts, you have a very curious mind, like the whole Aug Tellez info. Thank you for your time and dedication.


    • Hi Gloria! Yes my mind is unrelentingly curious. Often exhausting. Thank you for your words of acknowledgment. May you birth an instrument of heavenly music that cradles you in its harmonics ;) oxW


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