Another Glimpse of Higher Density Life

Had a delightful experience this morning. Woke up early (although 4:30 is a lot later than I’ve been waking for the last couple of months – typically 2:30 – 3:00, with no return to sleep)… got up, made coffee, let my little wild child (cat) in for a visit (his story here) because his meowing out in the darkness gets me every time…

Then at around 6:00 I suddenly felt like climbing back in bed, which is when this happened:

Instead of falling asleep, my body started humming with that long-familiar gentle energetic buzz. I just went with it… and suddenly I was standing outside my house chatting with a dear soul sister who lives across the country whom I haven’t seen in years. It was easy & natural to be enjoying her company like this out on the lawn; nice that she “projected over” for a visit!

On the road out front two small, white, 3-wheeled vehicles glid by, silently. (This image is as close as I could find… tho the ones I saw didn’t look this Porsche-like! They had a more teardrop-like shape, front to back… no front engine area.)

I seem to have shifted into a future version of this community I live in, which had evolved into what I’ll refer to as a “proper” community, meaning, the people have pulled together and collectively made it a more cohesive, sustainable population than it is now. As it is now we are essentially neighbors going about our own business, though most of us are pretty metaphysically oriented… in different ways.

Then the vibrations subsided and I was here/now again.

It was all right here. I imagine it still IS right here. It’s me holding a different vibration now as I write that separates the two. I’m just holding a different (my “habitual”) wavelength on the frequency dial.

I’m reminded now of the wonderful movie Somewhere in Time, in which it was just a change of focus that brought an entirely different timeline into view… and Christopher Reeve could meet his love, Jane Seymour, whose portrait on the Grand Hotel wall beckoned him back through time to be with her.

Since moving here, I’ve had the recurring thought in the back of my mind that my role might be to help develop more cohesion of community when the time ripens: growing food, shifting to clean energy (those cars were clearly not gas-engine vehicles… they glided silently along… ) coming into a more self-sustaining and mutually supportive version of its current form. I feel this is what the original founder of this berg (and its early inhabitants) had in mind but there just wasn’t enough vision & traction to get there.

Maybe there’s still a chance. Or maybe it IS here if we could collectively sustain the bandwidth to merge with it a mere click up the dial. It was all very much a living reality three hours ago!

Love, love, Whitehawk

By the way: it seems that humidity or wetness tend to make experiences like this more available. It’s cool and drizzly here today. I suspect the weather helped with the temporary transition I experienced. I know other people who have to be in water (ie the shower or a pool) to access higher awareness. Hm?


2 comments on “Another Glimpse of Higher Density Life

  1. I’ve been following your blogs now for a while. And the last few have been read with a bit of amusement, because my physiological experiences have been almost a mirror image of your own. I haven’t had the dreaming-thing, though I do dream, I just cannot remember them. But I have had extreme dizziness, to the point of not being able to stand. And I’ve had some weeping accompany the kundilini rushes a time or two. But today it is your description of the cars that tickled my funny bone, this time. I do like the model you picked out as an example. Far better than anything on the roads today. About this time last year, when the newest vehicle models were being brought out, my honey asked if I didn’t think this one in particular was a really good-looking car. My response was a negative. I do not like looking at automobiles. Nor trucks, nor anything else considered to be a passenger vehicle. I have loooong thought they were as unattractive as anything I could imagine being put to such practical use. Just recently, we had a second round of that same discussion and he just does not understand what I am trying to say, at all. What I am expecting to see when I look out my window does NOT have four wheels. It has no engine as we are programmed to expect to see. The vehicle I expect to see is a great deal more bubble-like, being mostly transparent, and like you, more teardrop-shaped. There are no sounds accompanying its movement other than the whooshing sounds of air-displacements. I cannot tell if there is a dashboard, but there definitely is no steering wheel. I think the whole operation is computer-generated. You tell it where you want to go and it takes you there. There are no traffic accidents because there are no driver errors.
    Obviously, I am pleased to read someone else’s experiences and to know I am not the only one visiting these interesting and innovative places. Thank you for sharing. It is such a blessing to know there are others going through similar accelerations at the same time. I do look forward to meeting you in that other parallel. Blessings to you.

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  2. Hi Linda! Thank you for sharing some of your experience here! Another friend privately shared something similar re: cars as part of a longer lucid dream. She also said they were silent, adding that while the cars had wheels, they were a feature that were only used in certain situations. Otherwise the cars floated along above ground. How many “other planes” might be here sharing this same space as ours? I asked a channel once about this; she said the number is “infinite.” Kind of astounding anything maintains order, isn’t it! Love to you, Whitehawk


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