Multiple Timelines, Multiple Selves

Imagine randomly waking up in a different version of your life over and over and over. Gives a whole new dimension to the phrase, “many mansions”!  This theme has been worked with in many books and several movies… a title that comes to mind in this moment is the film Sliding Doors – a reference to the doors on a commuter train. A timeline split occurs in the life of a woman (Gwyneth Paltrow) … who experiences different “life tracks” depending on whether or not she made it in time to board a train by the time its doors closed. Good film, actually.

Over the summer I mentioned this man “Blueheard’s” situation in the context of a broader post… and if I remember which post it was, I’ll come back to this one and link it!

Meanwhile, today I’m posting a youtube (actually it’s just audio) of him offering numerous ways in which various “versions” of himself are faring in the numerous versions of reality among which he seems to keep switch-tracking!

In other videos he blamed the activities of CERN for causing his predicament. He’s a filmmaker and former tattoo artist who’s got several versions of himself somehow being rotated among their different lifestreams in different versions of earth, beyond his control. He has different children in each timestream – imagine keeping up with that situation!

There are different socio-cultural situations in play among timelines – one is literally a hell zone where a timeline populated with prehistoric predators has merged with a current one. In my mind I imagine timelines splashing together as if by cosmic tsunami. Full-out mayhem.

All his various selves write in a journal kept in a safe in his house (which, while being the same building, exhibits distinct differences among timelines)… and he also adds “edits” to his own tattoos as ways in which he tries to keep track of WHICH Bluebeard (“BB”) is in WHICH timestream at any given time.

I haven’t tuned in to his youtube channel in some time… this morning I listened to this one I’m sharing which has, I think, enough detail re: what he goes through to provide insight into what’s going on here for curious minds in curious times.

Daunting to the max, as you’ll surmise if you lend your ear and try to imagine his experience, and the ramifications if it’s in fact true. After all I’ve heard, I’m inclined to believe him. Life’s quantum mysteries are just beginning to reveal themselves to us.

Just sharing interesting tales from the leading bleeding edge of this wild, wild transition to mulch into your world view or not; always your choice.

Love to you in your multiple expressions, Whitehawk


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