Coping With Aging

This one is somewhat off topic for this blog space, which points up one reason why I really need to expand into a magazine/ multimedia format that would accommodate a much broader bandwidth of fabulous content. :)

Meanwhile, it’s my bloggy and I’ll post what I want to.  ‘–)

This woman turned up in the sidebar of another video I was checking out. Not familiar with her; a quick glance around her channel suggests I’ll likely not pursue more of her offerings.


She boldly came out and talked rather transparently about her personal grapplings with aging, which happened to be somewhat “up” for me as well as I sort of hobbled through this past week, so for this she has my respect.  

A few of her remarks kinda “pinged” me so here she is, in case you might be ripe for a ping or two too.

If she finds herself visiting WwW, she might be taken aback by other material here but hey. Life.

And … aging.

This is more directly relatable for women, but maybe men will find a bit of insight into the women in their lives if they tune in. Moreover, there are tidbits here for all humans, regardless of sex.

Love, grace, and ease to you! Whitehawk


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