October’s Theme: Inner Stability & Balance

The following courtesy of Lena Stevens @ Power Path (linked below).  ~W

The main theme for October is INNER STABILITY AND BALANCE, “inner” being the operative word. It is time for us all to stop looking for stability from an outer source and begin to experience it within ourselves by focusing on our own inner strengths, talents and trust. Our inner experience is what informs our outer experience, so by practicing inner stability and balance, we are not only advancing our own personal growth, but being of service on the planet at the same time.

Instability, both inner and outer, are important during times of great needed change. But there are also times where one needs to regroup and take a breath and let things settle. I almost called the theme of the month “The Settling” but it sounded too much like a horror movie, so I opted for something more acceptable, but you get the idea.

Fortunately, this month we do get a bit of a break from the intensity and this allows us to remember who we are, what we are about, and where our balance and stability really comes from. To recognize the truth of this, we must go inward and allow what can be settled to settle. There is an opportunity for the unsettled to feel settled and for inner stability to be supported by that settling as long as you can release any attachment you may have to witness things being settled out there in the world.

Inner stability is built through strengthening your personal grounding with the earth and establishing stronger connections with sources of knowledge, wisdom and power that do not come from other people, their whims, judgments and reactions. We all have expectations about how others should act and how we should be treated, supported and met. In these times, if you are looking for stability and security from the outside, you may have to wait awhile.

There is no better way right now to serve yourself and the planet than building and anchoring your own sense of security and stability within yourself. What can you trust? You can trust your own truth. You can trust your own wisdom, talents, ability to choose, to love, to create, to eliminate, to dream and to set intentions. Anything you are attached to that is external can be taken away. This can cause tremendous insecurity and you will continue to experience instability and worry that will keep you from being grounded and focused.

It is best this month to focus on an inner stability and security by grounding to the earth and accepting that you have tremendous inner strength, wisdom and ability to create. There is always help from the inside and from unseen sources but you have to trust it. It is a great month to work with your intuition, your guides and allies, to trust your inner knowing and to have the courage to show up authentically.

Balance is addressed from a number of angles. The balance between being and doing, the balance between the masculine and the feminine, narrow focus and big picture perception, giving and receiving, asking and accepting, energy output and times of recharge and many more examples. Most of us have something out of balance in our lives, and as this settling opportunity presents itself this month we can make sure that things settle in a more balanced way.

This will require telling the truth about what is out of balance and accepting personal responsibility for creating more balance. After all, it is your life and no one is going to hand you balance on a silver platter.  You have to recognize what you need, ask for it, be committed to it, and set good boundaries around that commitment. In a way, we are still working some with the adjustment theme of September since what you decide you need for your own inner balance may require others to adjust to that commitment.

Some of you are imbalanced towards doing too much and some of you are imbalanced in the area of not being able to take action. It is helpful to observe where you need more balance and pay attention to the being vs doing dynamic. You need to spend some time in the “being” mode to support the settling. The more you can embrace “being” in your life, the less resistance, impatience and irritation you will feel. There is a flow to this month and it is best to get on it rather than paddling up stream.

There is also the balance between the three centers, intellectual, emotional and moving. One of these is your primary operating system, one derails you and throws you out of balance, and one can bring you back into balance. This order is different for everyone and it is helpful to know what yours is so you can work with it as a tool for balance. Understanding and working with your own sequence will help in the areas of worry, anxiety, depression, and other states that cause you to feel out of sorts. (PersonEssence communication styles audio link here on sale this month for 2.99)

How you work with this month will influence how you experience the next few months which can either be really positive or really challenging. So, make it count!

How the month shows up:



Speak your truth, voice your needs, show up, take a deep breath, regroup, refine, receive, have fun, be delighted, be in wonder and awe, love yourself, relax a little, be courageous and try new things, have compassion for others and take care of your body. This is the prescription for you personally this month.

As you become aware of what is out of balance, beware of self judgement and don’t waste energy on guilt, shame or blame. Just choose something better for yourself and commit to it. If you have been putting off having a break or doing something fun, go for it. Enjoy your friends and loved ones and appreciate community however it shows up. It is a good month to reach out to others and to receive the gifts of friendship, collaboration and support.

Find your inner humor, inner creativity and inner expression. These all make up part of your foundation of inner wisdom, stability and balance. Everyone has a unique gift and talent they bring to this life. Just “be” it. We could say that this month provides an opportunity for you to become more of yourself, more connected to your essence and spirit than ever before.



Relationships are always a platform through which we learn, grow, handle karma and fulfill our agreements. This month can be very exciting for relationships as they become the glue that helps us to experience what we need to in our striving for balance and stability. The relationships that support us in a good way will be strengthened. Relationships that resist, resent or react badly to our choices to take care of ourselves, should be reconsidered. It is however a great month to build new community and to get involved either with new relationships or new involvements with existing relationships.

Since this is a very creative time, creativity, fun and good social interaction should be a part of what you hold in your intentions for relationships this month. This is the positive aspect. The more challenging aspect of the month will be letting go of attachment to your expectations of security and stability from others and embracing a willingness to move on from relationships that simply do not serve you anymore.



This is an excellent month to focus on balance in the body. Get some physical, emotional and energetic help though acupuncture, massage, body work, energy work and anything that can support alignment, grounding and balance. You have the opportunity to feel “well” and to experience wellness that goes beyond just the physical. Part of the discipline is to practice gratitude daily and to receive the higher vibration of beauty, nature and the wonder of this universe.

If we only focus on what needs to be “fixed” or “healed”, we are not acknowledging what is presently vibrant, robust, vital, perfect and available as an energy to each one of us. Pay attention and be present with your breathing and feel each breath as it is capable of bringing in much more than just air. Breathe in the quality of beauty, the nourishment of nature, the wisdom of the stars, the vitality of the sun and let the oxygen feed every cell in your body. This is really about being present and proactively receiving what you need.

It is also very important to turn our relationship with our body away from anxiety, worry, resistance, shame and blame, to one of joy. Bring in the field of joy, breathe it in, play, dance, enjoy and have fun. Be creative. Get some new clothes, change your hair, wear some different accessories. Think color, beauty, and self-care. The Huichol culture in Mexico believe that each person is like a unique flower on the planet to bloom their beauty fully, just because they can.



This is a time to let ideas and what is showing up to settle. Beware of the mind trying to second guess or impose its rational thinking on what is showing up, making hard action plans before their time. In any project or partnership, the balance is between allowing and guiding, being active and being receptive. Watch impatience, don’t be impulsive and make sure to give any new direction or idea plenty of time to show up as the right thing. If it is right, it will be effortless and all the support you need will just show up. If it is not right or if something is out of balance, it will be very clear and evident where change needs to be made.

It is OK to say no if something does not feel right. Use your intuition and ask if it is right for you. It may be right for someone else and be a viable part of their balance and stability but maybe not for you. This is speaking your truth. At the same time if you think you have a great idea that you wish others to support, there may be some that say no and you will need to accept and adjust and allow them to have their truth as they experience it.

This is also a good time to reflect on old projects and to let go of the ones that never really got off the ground. Complete what you need to and move on. Once you release the energy you make room for something new.


The environment continues to support what we as a collective in our own evolution need to experience at this time. The eccentricity and unpredictability of weather patterns will continue although the intensity may be less this month. Resourcefulness emerges as people show up to rebalance what has been thrown off balance in a new way. Rebuilding an environment should always have the option of being done in a new way with new ideas, energy and improvement. For your personal environment, continue to clear, change, improve and rebalance. Getting rid of clutter and old files is a really great idea.



October 1-7: We take a breath, catch up on sleep, carve out some time to read, walk, visit with friends. Energy levels could be low so be flexible. Clarity comes around what is out of balance. As long as you acknowledge it and set an intention, the action step can wait. Bring some inspiration into your life by starting something new or meeting some new people or embarking on a new project. Take more TIME to do everything. In this impatient western culture, show up early to events, drive slower, walk slower, take in your surroundings and see if you can enjoy a little more space. It will set you up the best for the flow of the month. Set an intention for ease, acceptance and a sense of well-being.

October 5: Full Moon is Thursday, October 5 at 12:40PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). A good day to focus on what feeds you and to nurture your desires. Practice spending time in both being and doing, gratitude and inspiration. There is also some good chi around this full moon that can either throw you into, or out of a situation, relationship, attitude or pursuit of a dream. Unexpected turnabouts could happen so pay attention and be present so you can roll with the punches instead of under them.

October 8-16:  Fear, imbalance, doubt, worry, insecurity, judgment and blame may surface during this time. This is a call to work on your own inner stability and balance using the tools you have. It will require attention and commitment but you may be surprised at how quickly you can bounce back from feeling challenged and negative. Get a little help from your friends. It should not be all work. Even when things feel like they are still in process, put them on pause once in a while to have a little fun.

During this time, check in with yourself regularly. What are you feeling? Is this mine or someone else’s? What does my intuition tell me? What is my truth? How am I showing up? How do I want to show up? What can I do, change or start to bring me more balance?

October 17-24:  This is a really great time frame to observe how things are settling in. It is a time of observation rather than movement. From that observation you can make choices, refine intentions and become inspired by changes you see necessary to implement. Especially prominent during this time are the people who are coming into or leaving your community and your personal life. It is important to stay out of judgment and not to second guess where all this flowing around is going to end up. You will see results of your commitment to your own truth and inspiration by witnessing the ease of what is settling in. Don’t get too lost in trying to put structure around the big picture as the picture is not yet complete. Just look to your own balance and inner stability and do what it takes to maintain it.

October 19: New Moon is Thursday, October 19 at 1:12 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Use this new moon as a transition time from working on and experiencing your inner stability and balance, to using it as your container of support as you step out more and show up in your life. Revisit your intentions and refine them based on recent events, experiences, insights and acceptance of changes made by others.

October 25-31:  This last week of October signifies a preparation time. Getting your ducks in a row. Making sure your pantry is filled and your routine of self-care is anchored and scheduled. This may feel like a time of the calm before the storm and that may be very possible. It is not apparent yet what we will create for this time. But be assured that it will be by collective agreement about what is needed to keep the ship turning in the right direction.

Your own inner stability and balance should have you knowing better who you are and where you are headed. That structure should be flexible to allow for changes but solid enough that if you get bombarded by external events seemingly out of your control, you can still navigate forward with inspiration, creativity, and a source of energy that comes from within rather than from the outside.

Have a wonderful month!




The Monthly support Mp3 has many useful exercises and guided visualizations and can be listened to and worked with more than once and even once a day if desired. It offers useful processes to help you with understanding and making the most of the energies of the month


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