Exploding Into A New Narrative

Reviewing my journal can provide great insight and inspiration at a later time when I need a boost. For instance, these three documented dream fragments from one night are illuminating:

I lie down on a bed and gaze upward into shimmering air. The space around me is alive with a beautiful, loving light that’s essential to life somehow… always present but seldom noticed.

I see a baby perched on a small platform above me, happy and cooing in this shimmering essence. Once I see it I’m completely enamored…

Next I’m walking in a purposeful stride wearing a floaty, diaphanous white gown, holding a wand with delicate, light-emitting streamers flowing from the base end…

In the last vignette, I’m walking up a staircase with a small animal (unclear what kind) on a leash. The little guy eagerly runs up the stairs ahead of me, but outruns the length of the leash, gets throttled, and starts thrashing to break free…

This was a good “message” night. The first scene depicts a new human who’s been birthed into a higher, shimmering frequency. It’s within reach! Then I’m gliding forward, highly intentioned and empowered (wand) … then, the “leashed animal” (in me) gets caught up in shackles while bounding up the “stairway to heaven.” The part of my dreaming self holding the leash is upset by having caused this choking, sabotaging distress on the animal (= instinctive, natural state)… what’s with me to let this happen??? Why do I seem to keep throttling my own progress?

A few pages later (not directly related to the dreams, but a “good find” to pair with them) I see

We’re not here to save the world.
We’re here to serve an emerging paradigm.

I can’t count how many ‘light workers’ I’ve heard over the years say that their purpose in life is to save the world; myself included, especially early on. Let’s get over ourselves and align to what’s happening here.

We are setting off an explosion of a new narrative – encoding it in our conversation, our words, our action.

Life is changing on the noetic/idea level, then in conversation, then in perception, and then in EXPERIENCE.

We are here to hold the field of where we’re heading vibrationally as tho it’s REAL. Hold the possibility (actuality!) that it IS happening – is here – NOW.

We aren’t “anticipants” of the new frequencies; we are PARTICIPANTS. Moment by moment we are participating in the new paradigm every time we extend love, every time we give and forgive, every time we make amends, every time we make a choice for the higher frequency, we are participating in the new paradigm…

… and the new paradigm wraps around us, and we are part of an evolutionary thrust of this new consciousness becoming aware of itself AS ASCENDED LIFE.

We are in it NOW. This new field is emerging with tremendous energy.

It is POWERFUL – far more powerful than the field that’s decaying.

BE in the Field of All Needs Met.

Be in the field of benevolence.

So it is.

The breakdown of the old regime is accelerating like wildfire now. May we keep our eyes and hearts on the shimmering New and stop throttling ourselves in all the ways we do, all the language we use (verbal wands of spellcasting), all the movies & media & scuttlebutt we allow “in” … we are in the time of massive transmutation. It can be challenging – even frightening – but we can and will rise!

Love, love, with shimmering wind beneath our wings ~ Whitehawk

Elements of this post were inspired by Michael Beckwith. Gratitude!

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