Prophecies from Little Robed Men

Robes - A Book of Coming Changes
I’ve mentioned Penny Kelly here a few times over the years. Her wonderful book, The Evolving Human, is a hair-raising, well-written account of her outrageous kundalini awakening when she was an aspiring engineer in one of Detroit’s major automotive companies.


Actually Penny’s entire life has been one amazing episode after another (be sure to visit her catalog of books to get a sense of the breadth of her unique learnings & teachings), but this post is to introduce you to her experiences with a group of visitors who repeatedly appeared in her house bearing prophecies (or warnings) about the future. 

Her experiences with these visitors – who appeared as monkish mini-men in robes – are the focus of this interview between Penny (my favorite “all American” kundalini experiencer/writer) and Regina Meredith (my long-admired, articulate interviewer of extraordinary humans!).

Sidebar: Penny has also recently been interviewed by Patty Greer, best known for her crop circle films. Patty recently began her own interview channel under the banner Info Whores – ha! – another cool resource available on youtube.

This is an outstanding conversation. Lean in during the audio issues to catch the gems being shared – don’t give up! Also, bear in mind that prophecies are not set events; they are possible outcomes of energetic trajectories. Here’s Regina’s blurb about the interview posted below:

Beginning in 1979, Penny Kelly experienced a series of life altering visitations. The visits were designed to show her the future of our planet, keying in on the United States in particular. The messengers were little men in brown robes who would simply appear in her kitchen, her bedroom or living room. At first startled by their appearance, with no frame of reference for the experience, she attempted to ignore them. But the pictures they were showing her ultimately could not be ignored. In Kelly’s book, The Robes, we are shown a vision of our future that is imperative to engage, much of which has already come to pass since those visits nearly 40 years ago.

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