Spiritual Focus Unravels the Matrix

Every now and then I check in with Tom Montauk’s wealth of material. He consistently offers an intelligent, articulate, fluff-free perspective on the nature of this reality in which we find ourselves.

If you’re open to considering a setup that is not religion-centric – not waiting for an exalted spiritual or extraterrestrial or extradimensional being to save you – you might really appreciate Tom’s transmissions.

Today I’m posting three short videos that I’ve probably posted here before. They’re well worth reviewing as another year winds down, to reiterate the importance of tuning in to your spirit – your beacon – to navigate this realm and negotiate your way “up.”

Ultimately it is you who are directing your destiny, and taking responsibility for this is so very mandatory. These videos, imo, can help you assess your inclinations and make empowered choices.

If you choose to watch the first one, I recommend that you then continue with the next two as well, as they are intended as a set. They’re only a few minutes each and together establish a good foundation of esoteric basics.

As always, please take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. As ever, I merely offer. In love. Whitehawk.

5 Key Components of the Matrix

5 Human Weaknesses

Spirit’s Victory Over Matrix


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