Sensitive: The Untold Story

I’m sharing a link to a thoughtful, insightful 1-hour documentary about the 20% of the population (and not only human population, but animals as well) possessing traits of high sensitivity.

Highly sensitive does not mean shy, introverted, fearful, depressed, or even snobbish, as sensitives are often perceived – although, how their family and the world responds to them can seed wounded emotions that could haunt them for life.

Highly sensitive people likely inherit this inclination via their DNA… which seems to set up stronger perception and deeper processing of events than the majority. The film explains that the HS tendency has recently been traced to a particular area of the brain.

Illuminating… and in a sense, kind of like watching a bio-pic of my life. Maybe yours too – or your friend’s, or your brother’s, or your child’s, or your pet’s!

I recommend that anyone who relates to the notion of being more sensitive to environments, stimulation, crowds, noise, etc. –  regarding either self or someone close – watch this video. It’s streaming at, which is a subscriber service. However, if you want to check this out, use the link I’m providing below to watch it for free.

The link is only good for 48 hours, tho, so this film about sensitives is time sensitive as well!  (Unless of course you subscribe to Gaia.)

Good food for thought… and feeling. Featuring Alanis Morrisette.  oxW

Sensitive: The Untold Story


(Graphic used for this post is not associated with the film.)


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