Awake & Authentic

authenticityFor You

A 10-minute fortifying tribute to the outsider, the rebel, the renegade, the awake. Geoff Byrd made this video motivated by sheer intuition to let you know you are NOT alone. I stand with Geoff and give you – us all – deep bows of respect for carrying on with this chaotic mission, regardless.

Shine on . . . and shine bright!   W


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“Event” Clues: Before, After & During

a-new-earthI’m posting these two videos as fast as I can type, lol. Allison Coe’s latest, sharing info she’s received from QHHT clients re: what they “received” from their higher selves re: ascension specifics.

Below Allison’s video is another one of a woman in Canada who has been having telepathic communication with her deceased son about what he knows … and the ‘healing domes’ he’s been building to help ‘sleepers’ adapt to a situation they never knew was coming.

It seems we are ON THE CUSP now… much love, Whitehawk

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Feel It Real

hqdefaultSomehow this lovely woman’s videos came along in my youtube feed yesterday, and once I saw one, I found myself not only drinking in her whole series, but wishing for more once I’d seen them all! Every one a gem in its own way, in its own theme. The gracious way she expresses herself, sharing inspiring stories of her experiences with Neville Goddard’s manifestation-themed teachings, are uniquely sweet and charming, in my view. Food for the soul here. I think you’ll appreciate her whether you are “in an affirmative mode” currently or not. Continue reading

Reality Shifts, Channel Surfing & the Buzz is Back

20171219025808The Days of WOW continue. “The WOWs of NOW” :) Thought I’d share a few curiosities here and invite you to add your own in the comments because we all learn from each other. Sharing isn’t about us blowing our own horns or over-exposing ourselves. Rather, sharing is for others who would benefit by hearing about our experiences in these shifting times. (If the experience is negative – the “me too” movement comes to mind – maybe perpetrators and the entire justice system would benefit by learning how their actions affect victims.) Suffice to say, sharing Tales from the Evolutionary Edge is largely what this blog is here for.

So, here are a few tidbits of mine from the past week or so.

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Conversations with a Free Self on a Terrace Above the World

waterThe piece I’m sharing today by Robert Moss struck me, as during my out-of-body trips I’m often aware of a silent witness by my side. I virtually never dialogue with this witness; I’m merely aware of the presence. One time I glanced to my left and discovered my companion that day was a mountain lion!

The obe I describe in this lead-in to Moss’s piece was an exception to this “silent witness” routine: I’m actually leading a tour of my 3D life for this being who was by my side. This life, the life I’m in now, was all in the past as I led this tour, visiting locations and sharing my experiences while there.

So, documented years ago in this journal was this episode in which I was showing him/her (gender unclear) around a house, explaining how I had lived there (past tense), how I had it fixed up, etc… tho in my physical life as of that “tour” I wasn’t even familiar with such a place.

Until NOW. The place I read about in that journal from something like 15 years ago exactly describes THIS place I’m in currently – years before I’d even seen it, or had the slightest inkling that I’d ever live in this area of the country. A very interesting experience: both having it originally and discussing it with this “other” while out and about, and then rediscovering it in all its detail all these years later and realizing, omg, this is where I live now!

Anyway, author/teacher Robert Moss’s life is filled with fascinating otherworld and dreaming adventures that he recounts in many books and workshops with great skill. I recommend anything he offers.  Bless all in this quantum universe!  Whitehawk


“The Art of Conversation” by  Magritte

Conversations with a Free Self on a terrace above the world

by Robert Moss

Higher Self, Greater Self. These are very big words. I want something smaller for him. There may be many levels to the Higher Self, ten that I know, others beyond counting. He lives on a level just above the level I am on.

When I set out to meet him, I follow the road of dreams to a terrace above the world. Sometimes it is the rooftop of a tall building, twenty stories up, or more. Often the terrace has the air of a civilized café, operating just for us. I find him seated at a table, perhaps with a glass of wine the color of moonlight. He is usually impeccably dressed, in a perfectly tailored white suit or a dinner jacket. Occasionally I have the impression that he has a female companion; once she seemed to be an opera singer. But she is never part of our conversation. Continue reading

The Fierce Feminine Is Here To Stay

Thanks to Jeff for sending this in. Recent disclosures certainly attest that this is true! May the rough edges quickly heal into profound unity. ~W

By Devaa Haley Mitchell
Co-founder of The Shift Network

The fierce aspect of the feminine has been on the rise in recent months — an energy that is deeply needed as the challenges continue to accelerate on our planet. It seems that Her time has come. Finally!

When we generally speak of “the feminine,” most people immediately imagine “softer” qualities commonly attributed to the Mother archetype — unconditional love, nurturance, tenderness, and deep presence. Others may envision compassion, empathy, and kindness, or more “yin” qualities like gentleness and receptivity. Continue reading

What to Remember During a Dismemberment

wallpaper-127424-1.jpgby Jane Burns

A great deal has been felt and remarked upon due to recent changes on the political stage of this country. Whether this is a time of hope and celebration for you, or a time of impending doom, it should remain clear to everyone that a turbulent and difficult time lies ahead. For everyone.

Almost everyone has an idea about what will happen next. However, we should keep in mind that what is happening now is unprecedented for us, and none of us knows what will happen next, not even those who have taken the reigns. If there is any rule to follow now, it is: expect the unexpected. Continue reading

Shaman Sickness

AKA Shamanic Dismemberment, which is a significant spiritual event that I – and likely many readers – have experienced. Kundalini often initiates a deep shamanic journey by dismantling much of who and what we are… and shoving nudging us toward our highest expression. The next post will be a deeper look into ‘dismemberment.’


art by Mara Brendt Friedman

(I love this image I found for this post! – Seems so “me” ;)    Bless, Whitehawk

by Danielle LaRock

Going through life, we can forget who we are.

Maybe a little bit, or maybe a lot—sometimes so much so, we need a huge-ass wake up call to help us remember.

The latter is what happened to me.

I was trucking along (not-so-merrily) on my way to a “normal life.” I went to a good college, got a full scholarship to grad school, got accepted into the Presidential Management Fellows program, and then landed a climate change-related job that, on paper, sounded like I was saving the planet.

Except I felt like I had lost who I fundamentally was.

It wasn’t that the work I was doing wasn’t important; I just felt super disconnected, like I couldn’t tangibly see or feel how I was making a difference.

My relationship at the time was also intense. We really loved each other, but we were also both dealing with a situation that was largely out of our hands. You see, he had run into some legal trouble, and I was trying valiantly to figure out how the f*ck to save him.

Which is, of course, when my body went haywire. Continue reading

The Big Picture

19667454._SX540_.jpgWhat follows is a formidable summary of the situation on Earth as offered here on the web, which is an English translation of a Dutch website. As always, your discernment is your compass as to what to take or leave … this synopsis comes via quite a bit of team effort on both sides of the pond.  Love all, Whitehawk


Life is infinite, throughout the universe it is teeming with life. Not only in this universe, but also in the trillions of other universes, that together make up the cosmos. Whatever you can think of exists. From planets that still have dinosaurs living on them, to human civilizations that are so highly evolved that they don’t even need a body or planet anymore, and just move through infinity as a group consciousness. Continue reading

Does the Pain of Awakening Ever End?

This trip has been like existing in a bardo! I actually suspect this is exactly the case. We are still working on dredging ourselves out of (or healing ourselves of; your choice) damaged but powerful lower-4D mental constructs and circumstances… while catching glimpses of the field in which a higher Normal exists.

Thanks Lia Love for this post.  Love all, Whitehawk

By Lia Love

tumblr-m3n4h1zetj1r1uhj3o1-500.jpg‘You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing start.’ ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Many of us seem to be zooming in our evolutionary trajectory, and yet we are still experiencing emotional issues and feelings of fear, inadequacy and gut-level confusion. In this process of awakening, we arrive at certain points where it seems we are perched on a razor’s edge of ‘knowing’ and ‘not knowing’. This knowing and not knowing simultaneously, and the space between the two, is the thing that is keeping us confused and unbalanced.

It is like being in a bardo — the Tibetan word for the space within a space, the space between breaths, the intermediate space. We hang there, suspended in limbo with a big question mark, an unease at being somewhere so different and new that there is a natural instinct to just freeze, to check it out slowly and stealthily before taking the next breath, the next step. And the next thing to do, to be and to feel, is not obvious. Not at all.  Continue reading