National Get Over It Day


This struck me funny at first glance – then profound, the deeper I felt into it:

Today Is National Get Over It Day

I didn’t pursue what this was about – likely someone playing with creative venting. The thought struck me: what would happen if everyone on the planet just got over it, and themselves, at long last? Not necessarily for long… but happening at once would pack a wallop. This alone would trigger a noticeable upshift in the noosphere – this planet’s collective field of consciousness.

I’m not sure I really felt this before as viscerally as I am right now (amping energies can certainly amp our senses), but jeez, just check in for a second with the notion that billions of people are plowing through their lives, bearing really burdensome grudges, great and small, throughout forever. I mean, this is so elementary I can hardly believe I’m considering it of value to discuss with you.

My mind, for whatever reason, beamed in on this tragic idea of a planet populated with walking wounded, distracted by so much crap it doesn’t occur to them that they can open their clear-flow channel to the infinite, indescribable source, heal their minds, and ultimately enjoy, en masse, an incredibly improved earth experience.

This is certainly understandable, as there’s been powerful negative influencers in this scenario. I’m not trying to beat anyone up here. I’m in this story too.

This dismal image suitably conveys the overall, beat-down condition (and contents) of human souls who have been on the gerbil wheel for a vast, convoluted period of time/ timelessness, accumulating all ungodly manner of problems, pains, resentments, and so forth, all along. The negative end of the vibrational spectrum.

This stuff is basically good for one thing: being in the way. Holding us back. Preoccupying us so completely with troubles we can neither stand nor think straight.

What if we all maybe participated in this “joke” born of creative venting, and discovered our ability to transmute all the sh*t instantaneously into neutral cosmic fodder for future flow, and finally get off our knees to stand fresh and clean and lighter and Lighter – far better prepared for whatever is coming next.

Imagine this transmutation just for a moment; a moment might be all it takes (as moments string together and fan out like a quantum mist primed for manifestation) to trigger a mini-shift in your own psycho-spiritual nature.

Maybe that initial modest shift would ultimately fractal out into a major planetary phenomenon, because we are, in the final analysis, billions of interconnected facets and faucets of one infinite, limitless, benevolent Souce. We’ve been like clogged pipes to our own life force, and an entire planet suffers for it. We came here to be creative inventors, not disempowered ventors. We’ve diminished and demoted our infinite selves! Imagine that just long enough to use as something to pivot away from.

Just for one day, I’m going to actively endeavor to Just Get Over all the Its that have burdened my soul and body throughout this entire epoch, most of which are stashed in the mysterious realm of the subconscious. I’m starting with an exquisite immersion and rinse here, and carrying on with a negative thought/feeling fast. Join me?And, wild as it sounds, but nonetheless true, as I was scrolling thru some images while this idea was gelling, one of the graphics – an antique painting of a man’s face – winked at me. Gotta love a wink from the cosmos.

Here’s winking at you, with love ;)







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