2018 Pole Shift – Part 2: Expanding Our Universal Library

This is a follow-up to Micheila’s previous writing (last post) on the 2018 crystalline pole shift. In this transmission, the Pleiadians break down exactly how pole shifts work within the core of Mother Gaia, giving us very simplistic examples so that we better understand the meaning, mechanics, and benefits of this upcoming energetic event.  

Love … Whitehawk

2018 Pole Shift – Expanding Our Universal Library

via Micheila Sheldan

As humanity experiences a pole shift in 2018, a variety of characteristic traits of your reality must begin to change and align to new grid patterns of information. The poles are calibrated to your current reality and connect the information that you have manifested and magnetized to solid form or physical matter. This is the overall responsibility of this facet of the earth’s structural energy – magnetics.

Magnetism is the basic law by which you draw and expand information into a physical reality. The universe upholds this within Mother Earth by aligning grids and Akashic record energy to support your manifestation and further creation; and also by activating you within the confines of your earth structure. So in other words, a system is in place to ensure that universal support is flowing through the earth into your physical experience beyond your realization, acceptance or access of this information. The poles are a critical aspect of your earth ascension timeline and alignment to the universe.

When the poles shift in physical, meaning there is a location change of these critical energy centers, a dramatic physical shift occurs. The reason for this is that the magnetics of the poles can be directed into many energetic fields having different results.

Think of this as moving a vital organ within your body. If this organ was moved from the top of your head to the bottom of your body, there would be a very significant physical result.  The vital parts of your body that correspond to this organ would no longer receive signals the same way and become confused. The flow of information would change, having catastrophic results for your physical structure.

However, if this organ were to send new energetic signals or change its assignment with another organ in the body, without changing its position, the result would be different. This is because the organ is not physically absent from its original place, but simply picking up information and sending information differently. There is still a great adjustment here that may even cause physical symptoms or changes. But ultimately, the organ is still there, offering its original assignment to all connections within your grid system, pulling or drawing information from another energetic center. This is how we see the pole shift happening on your planet in 2018.

If this organ were to continue to do its job, now drawing the information from a different energetic center or organ to accentuate or change its relationship to your body, it may actually become a stronger organ; a new mechanism that is supercharged and now understands how to overcome physical situations in the body that it could not before. The poles on your planet must shift to accommodate raises in consciousness. You are vibrational beings and in order for humanity to evolve, new information must always be magnetized and expansion must take place. The grids or meridians within your body have tiny wave patterns of light flowing through them at any one given time. If these wave patterns were to stay the same, health, happiness and expansion could not take place.

Light holds consciousness or information as mini universal conduits for Source energy. When you, as humans, begin to hold more light, you are becoming more of your non-physical selves than ever before.

This requires new information. Think of it this way. You can expand your mind by going to your local libraries or searching the internet. You can assemble all kinds of information within your physical brain that accentuates your vibration. This is critical. But another critical aspect of your continued evolution and expansion is gathering vibrational information from the library of the universe. This pole shift comes to accentuate your access to this non-physical library.

You see, sometimes humans can get stuck in vibrational information. They begin to access energies in a specific way and this becomes the only pathway to Source for them. As these pathways to Source are chosen time and time again, you are becoming stagnant in your energy.

Also, as humans perceive the great amount of information on your planet about the universe, time and multi-galactic history, they begin to form a stagnant picture around issues like disclosure and planetary healing. There are many pathways to these issues, as well, that must be opened wide to support the evolution of humanity.

You are embarking on one of the most significant non-physical journeys of your linear lifetime. The pole shift we speak of has been initiated by you, because no longer can you run the same patterns of light that you have achieved.

You are ready for more. Large shifts in non-physical information can have very physical effects, of course. We anticipate many of these adjustments taking place first in your meridians, and then being felt and seen within the collective.

This is a merging of collaborative creation from your universal families of light and all of you. The hierarchical structures you have created can no longer be supported by the grid system and patterns of light you are holding and this shift of new information comes to compliment who you are becoming, bridging the gap between the new technologies, currencies and teachings with the old ways of being humans created.




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  1. Dear Whitehawk, thank you so much for sharing! Your blogs have been of so much assistance to me these past few months since I first discovered them. Branching out into the many links you share… I appreciate this so much. From my heart to yours, Om)))


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