The Primary Aim of Your Life

I almost took a pass on this video (below) but glad I didn’t, because this man’s message spoke to me. (It also got me writing a lot more here than I had anticipated when I sat down!)

As you may know

A good chunk of my professional life revolved around writing, editing, publishing, and producing media & events that inspire. I grew up pretty much inhaling the classics that encouraged us to, basically, “believe and achieve” . . . and as the joke goes, I evolved from a user to a pusher of this genre that has exploded in myriad directions over the years.

As time went on, my inherent mystical nature expanded greatly and eventually my kundalini woke up and roared. I surrendered to this experience as opposed to seeking a way out of it, ie medical “help,” which of course would involve drugs and diagnoses that would never approximate the truth of what I was experiencing. I felt that kundalini had stepped in to take care of some major business on a soul level, and I was not going to sabotage it.

My soul’s journey held far more significance to me than anything else life could offer. I’m just “one of those.” It’s also been, I might add, a difficult road to travel.

What I refer to as a “picket fence life” held no appeal to me. Sure, I wanted to be safe, sheltered, and in loving relationships like everyone else. But I did not – could not – have the focus of my existence be on the mundane, the great money chase, the material empire (ie the glorification of the ego) based on what I considered misguided precepts.

As you might imagine this set me apart from just about anyone else I knew. The inner planes, the causal realm, the sacred secrets of life were my “juice.” I’d been cycling through how many lifetimes now? I wanted answers.  :-}

Well, a funny thing happened in the wake of awakened kundalini.

I’d hung in there through years of intensity with this mysterious force “knowing” that in the end I’d be blasting forth like Supergirl in some kind of sacred service that had yet to take form in my awareness.

What happened instead was basically the opposite. After several years with active kundalini, I had a massive experience: my “graduation event.”

By this I mean, I ascended to a … frequency range that was not associated with this “3D” bandwidth. I literally couldn’t relate to, or connect with, or function in 3D after this personal ascension event.

(I’m working on furthering my transparency re: my own story, which is not easy and frankly makes me squirm. Some people who read this will have judgments about what I’m saying here… thinking I should do this or should have done that. But I’m pretty sure those having any direct experience with what I’m talking about here are few and far between, and the rest simply do not know.) best analogy I can come up with at the moment re: how this was for me: I was in a place (or space) where my perception of 3D was like looking through the wrong end of a powerful telescope. I knew it was “there,” but it was too far away for me to relate to. It, and I, were on different channels. Even my name seemed a distant echo.

Let me assure you, this wasn’t like a “choice” about which I could just “change my mind” and then rejoin the game here. I was nowhere near the game board.

Also: efforting to return to this game and its rules after what I’d experienced in a more rarified state was as appealing as returning to a third-grade curriculum after having completed post-graduate work. This isn’t meant to sound arrogant; it simply is.

This was frightening to my “little human” self – the skin suit, as some would say. As we all know, humans need to “work” to “make money” to “pay the man” in a thousand ways to stay alive on this planet. Yet this matrix arrangement was no longer within my reach.

So, what to do?

It sent me down the deepest of rabbit holes on a major quest of discovery – the quest to comprehend the backstory of this earth experiment. It’s been like piecing together a multidimensional galactic puzzle, particle by particle (still in progress).

And at this point, I have to stop writing (!!!) and get to this video, which is about IDENTIFYING your primary AIM, or PASSION, or intention for this life. This is square one. This is THAT THING that your life revolves around – whatever it is!

Being in an in-between place in life can be a very fertile time for your subconscious to be working with your expanded Self to consider what might optimally present itself next for you. If you are there, try to relax into it if you can. Many are now in mid shift. The world is shifting! Dreams, desires, roles, and opportunities are CHANGING. It can be, and often is, crazy-making – just look around!

This video, which brings fresh appreciative energy to ideas that are as ancient as the hills, might be just the ticket to inspire – maybe comfort or help stabilize – the in-betweeners who read this blog.

This conversation between one of my favorite interviewers, Regina Meredith, and Mitch Horowitz – whose book The Miracle Club is coming out this Fall – may be of particular value to you if you feel you might be a bit adrift.

BTW I’ve decided I want to start a Miracle Club, even though, of course, I haven’t read the book. I just appreciate the idea of a resonant group of conscious comrades – like an updated Mastermind group. Peer support can be a huge blessing.

With love from me to you ~ Whitehawk

So much gratitude for your support of this ongoing effort! (Please note – the preset options are PayPal’s, not mine;
any amount is manna :))



4 comments on “The Primary Aim of Your Life

  1. Hi Whitehawk,
    I loved this post and can really relate. I have been in an in-between time, most intensely between the summer of 2012 till now. Do you read my blog? I invite you to get to know me a little, if you are led to do so. I will watch the video now. You got me curious :)

    peace, Linda

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Linda; delightful to hear from you. Re: your blog (and virtually all wordpress blogs)… I am functioning in a time-warp version of WordPress. My functionality is like “WordPress 1.1” or something. It just “showed up” “spay/neutered” this way (amusing myself here) something like, oh, 18 months ago (give or take; my sense of time is shot) and besides having to jump thru hoops to get my blog to function enough to get posts out, one thing it will NOT do is give me access to the WP Reader, which, as you know, provides an ongoing feed of blogs we choose to subscribe to.

      So what I’m saying is, since my blog is a ghost of its former self (a WP phenom that’s eerily parallel to my own… online but running in minimal mode), I have no blog feed and am out here with no idea what’s going on elsewhere in the WordPress blogosphere; my “feed” is a blank screen. I also have no Facebook page, and nothing going with Google Plus. Deep Space :-}

      But I’ve got your link here and DO have your site open in another tab, so the ignition sequence has started. I look forward to getting to know you! :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • No explanations needed. I have been following your blog for awhile, but more recently “whatever that means, lol!” I have been visiting more frequently. I rely on the reader or my inner guidance to tune into material that clicks for me. The link is all you need anyway. I am wondering if you feel a resonance with the material I have been writing. Please let me know. Thanks for being so transparent. peace, Linda :)


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