A Most Exceptional Solstice Visitation

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This happened three years ago on a truly magical summer solstice night, and I’ve hoped for a repeat every solstice since. Alas, what we had this year was a night of one of those storms that featured perpetual lightning & thunder. Like a continual strobe light in the night. The next day I had a migraine accompanied by the overwhelming sense that my bio-battery had been completely discharged of all energy. Spent much of the day (yesterday) in bed. But AHHHH what happened this one very special night!! oxo W

Beckoning Blue-White Spheres of Light

This event had a magical, mysterious quality to it. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and, you know, I’ve been around awhile. ;)  I preface what follows by sharing that I had asked for a miracle on the day preceding this experience. Nothing specific; just a clear affirmation of contact with something Higher.

So: 3AM, the night of solstice; I was awakened by a forceful wind blowing through all the open windows of the house. Thinking we were in for a rainstorm, I got up, closed the windows and storm door, and hopped back into bed. After staring at the ceiling for a good while as the wind howled, I got up again and walked through the dark house.

Through a back window, I glimpsed what resembled the round light of a large flashlight aimed right at me from outside. By this I mean, it was definitely round, and definitely a light; a bluish white light, in fact. But this light had no beam shining into the house (as a flashlight would); rather, it was an emanating light.

So I saw a round light, about 5″ in diameter, glowing right outside my window. It looked similar to this, out in the dark night, appearing to be about 6″ from the window:

images-1This was not a typical occurrence. A first for me, in fact. I glanced around the room to see if some interior light source might be reflecting in the glass, creating this effect. No, this was definitely coming from an outside source.

I went to the back door, which is screened and opens into a very rural (grass, no fence) back yard that meets dense woods a mere 20 feet or so from the house.

Standing in the back door, looking out into the yard, what do I find? About a dozen robust spheres of bluish-white light moving around the yard—obviously very much alive and navigating with intention! They were mostly in front of the trees, and mostly at an average height of about 10-12′ from the ground.

I went outside in my summer nightie and joined the party. The whole experience was like something out of a children’s book, including me standing out there, eyes wide, mouth open in wonder, barefoot, in my little nightie. I wish everyone could experience magic like this.

They blinked on and off and flew around, throwing off quite an aura of high-vibe bluish-white light everywhere they went. They lit up the leaves of the trees as they passed in front of them, sometimes weaving in and out of branches fronting the yard space. If you imagine a wall of trees immediately behind the spheres pictured below, and imagine they’re all pretty uniformly about 5-6″ across in size, powering on and off as they float or zoom around, you’ll have a pretty good idea:


The first thing I did the next morning was to google biophosphorescent or bioluminous insects to see if there’s some super-luminating bug I’ve never encountered before, just to confirm that no such thing exists! If these lights had been been insects (I knew there weren’t but wanted to cover bases before coming out with this experience), they would have had to be at least the size of hummingbirds to glow to the incredibly bright degree these ‘beings’ did.

Anyway, my search turned up no such insect that flies and throws a bright globe of high-vibe bluish-white light like this.

I might also add that these were not regular “orbs.” They were much brighter, much more “active,” and their lights would blink on and go off as they flew. I could NOT see anything (or “anyone”) INSIDE the spheres of light. One of them “streaked” close by my face as I stood out in the yard, wide-eyed and slack-jawed, and what I saw in that flash of a moment resembled a florescent tube, about 4″ long and 2/3″ wide. I surmise what I saw was the streak effect of the light moving by me at eye level. But the truth is, I really don’t know what to make of any of this!

I asked a neighbor if she’d ever seen this phenom. She’s lived here close to 30 years. She had NOT.

One more little detail: it was a starry night. While in the yard, I looked up at the star-laden sky. One “star” was trucking along, obviously ‘being flown.’ It was the only thing moving up there, and it was moving at a reasonable clip. It had no blinking plane lights, and no color other than white. I’m not going to insist it was a UFO (tho it was unidentified to me!) but I don’t, in my intuitive heart, believe it was an airplane. I wondered if there might be a connection between that light moving overhead and the brilliant blue spheres in my yard.

Dunno. I’ve had many strange things happen in my life. This is a new one. :)

After just a few short wondrous minutes, the luminous spheres disappeared, and I haven’t seen them since. I *did* go looking during a couple subsequent “awake periods” during the night; all was dark and quiet as usual.

Did the sudden (and brief) wind storm “announce” or somehow escort the arrival of these beings? (Turns out this initial windiness is common during visits from “elsewhere.”) Did that first light in my window actually “beckon” me to come out and “meet” the others? Sure seems so.

By the way: these lights were ONLY in MY yard; they were not in the neighbor’s yard to one side of me, nor in the vacant prairie to the other side. Nor were they in the front yard, or side yard. They were only directly behind my house, up around tree-branch level, emanating light into the leaves and surrounding air. They were here for me.

Amazing! Gotta love the wonder of such things. This visit was a gift about which I remain suspended in question… and anticipation of more to come someday.



7 comments on “A Most Exceptional Solstice Visitation

  1. Hello Whitehawk! What I feel this is symbolic to, is your fully stepping into the 5th Dimension. Each Orb is an aspect of you that had already reached this point. The star that was moving along in the sky is “you” being shown you are ascending to 5D.

    Congratulations! The magic you will experience from this point on will be…. well magical!

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  2. WhiteHawk, I have just “discovered” your site via Ann Kreilkamp’s blog. After reading through a couple of entries I have subscribed & look forward to “catching-up”.
    I have an Irish friend who has often spoken of his own orb experiences & I will probably share this with him
    In the meantime….My first “adult” (age 19) experience of the Universe as real-time responsive & benevolent in ways that seem mostly beyond ordinary comprehension & understanding, came after one of those all-too-rare moments of absolute sincerity & trust by “letting-go” of “my” life. The 57 years that followed have only served to reinforce the wonder & sublime mystery of living in bliss amidst “apparent” desolation & despair produced by thousands of years of “cultural” dis-information.
    That is not to say that those years were not without many sad & painful reminders of how challenging it is for each of us to fully trust the unfolding process of awakening.
    It’s just that the “letting go” is getting easier with age.
    I look forward to reading more of your journey.
    Be Well!

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  3. Kelley, I’m pleased to welcome you to my universe! And so appreciate your comment. As it happens, I can corroborate your beautiful awareness re: sincerity & trust by “letting go.” In my parlance I think of this as surrender, and it is the KEY to so very much!! And it can be slippery to get there, as we tend to “want” and “ask” (or demand or cry or whatever) in our moments of attempting connection with the Divine. But it is the surrender that does it.

    Somewhere in this massive blog is my story of an abdominal pain (like broken glass in one side) that would not stop. It went on for weeks. Suddenly one day I dropped into my favorite chair and totally *surrendered* … just surrendered silently. The pain stopped then and there, never to return. I believe this intentional act is what dissolves any static between us and the perfection of the All. We become one with Source in that moment, and in that moment all is so very very right! Thank you for your thoughtful comment and I hope you enjoy Winging with Whitehawk :) Bless! W

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