Pleiadian Event Responders

Event interest (dare we say progress) continues

What follows is from Sophia Love, who has conversations with off-planet friends. She had this one yesterday, with Pleiadians preparing to help us ‘transition’ when this anticipated cosmic event actually happens. (I’m of the mind this is destined to occur; trying to grasp the when of it though can be crazy-making! :)


They (as do other races, if info we get is correct) have (so we’re told) healing facilities/rooms/chambers/pods for humans to recover in after they make the shift, whatever that ends up actually being, and however it ends up impacting our body/mind/spirits to actually move into an entirely new environment that runs on different principles than we have here – with beings who are far more advanced than us, prepared to help!

Apparently there are massive centers prepared to receive humans freshly transferred into an alternate environment, to assist our adjustment, which will be a big experience in itself. All quite an extensive orchestration! (Just some background; readership awareness of/interest in all this spans the spectrum.)

There’s been a major upshift in ‘Event’ energy and focus recently, we might be getting close. (I mean really this time. winkwink)   Love, Whitehawk

Sophia Love’s latest message

August 1, 2018

I am looking to connect to the Pleiadians. Is there someone now who is available to connect?

We are here, Sophia. We are right here! Always we are. We hear your calls for contact and assistance and respond by providing what we can.

Is there something specific today? We sense that there is not.


Thanks for coming forward.

I do not have any specific questions, no. I am wondering if you have any new information for us?

This may not be new information for some of you. It will, however, be information that is current.

There is only one of you today?

Yes. You’ve reached out at a time when there are many of us working. There are several ongoing projects that require “all hands on deck”, if you follow my thinking.

I do. I appreciate your response. What sort of information can you offer us that is, as you mentioned, “current”?

We’ve been working not quite around the clock, but almost, to prepare for the influx of humanity that is expected.

We’d like to have as many healing pods as is feasible, ready for the moment when you are ready to accept them and put them to use.

This is a logistical operation as much as it is a physical one. We must be positioned in the appropriate locations.

We must be suitably equipped.

This means pods as well as technicians, interpreters, healers and those who maintain their functioning (the pods).

We see, now, things coming to a wrap up moment. We do not see when this wrap up happens. We are only readying ourselves in anticipation.

The signature moment that cues our active physical involvement will come as a surprise to all of us. Yet we must be ready to initiate the response at all (times) and at any time.

We are.

We see the humans doing two things. One is increase polarization in thinking – which will not work after the Event.

The other is acceptance.

We expect, because of this acceptance, that the separation will be even more seamless and non-catastrophic than was predicted.

Humanity has again shown a new way – this is evidence in the collective dialogue, which is the undercurrent of all of those preparing to shift. It looks like a sort of exposure of who they truly are, followed by a modicum of allowing by those others who are present.

This does not imply complete acceptance as much as it looks like permission to “be”.

This may be the beginning steps to Oneness. It may be Humanity’s version of Unity.

This encourages us and is a delight.

We are all prepared for whatever may come our way in regards to timing. We trust it will be perfectly orchestrated and are happy to be a part of it.

Thank you for keeping in contact, Sophia.

Goodbye for now.

Thank you.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege.

This conversation ended. This being was an elder female.


This message from Sophia came via email. Her website however is here.

8 comments on “Pleiadian Event Responders

  1. Guided by balls of blue light, I bought Amorah Quan Yin’s “The Pleiadian Workbook” in 1998. There the Pleiadians and Sirians introduced me to “light chambers” which they would create around me. Helped me enormously in my path, especially the Integration light chamber which helped me to integrate the mind blowing spiritual experiences I’d had.

    So, for me it makes absolute sense that they have created “pods” to help people heal. As it is raining here in Scotland, I am going to ask the Pleiadians if I can experience one of these Pods. I mean, why not? I have been through an emotional roller coaster this week and I would like help to move beyond that. I will let you know what happened. Better still, why not try it?

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    • Pod Scotland, your comment got me looking for Amorah Quan Yin among my books here, and apparently the only one I have (or still have? – after unloading 99% of books and ALL possessions in last move) is Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution. Please do let us know if you “preview a pod”! BTW, we’re having the rainiest summer on record here, it seems! I should be in the midst of a mushroom-laden landscape by now, but no… :)

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      • Hiya Whitehawk,

        Well, I did the Pod in a pod session. I kind of had a sense that I was in a sort of silver capsule, lozenge shaped but my head was sticking out of it.

        It was so delicate, lasted maybe 20-30 minutes that I wondered if I had imagined it all.

        HOWEVER, last night found mecurled up position on the floor of my room, silently howling in emotional agony. Silently because others were in the house. Wow, this was pain I have been trying to shift for days and days, I felt betrayed by Source! The ultimate victim paradigm.

        But once the grief was over, I sat quietly and soon was filled with the most beautiful sense of love, acceptance and “everything is going to be OK” energy. Awesome.

        Today I am tired but at peace. I think I got what I needed but whether it was a pod as described by Sofia is open to debate. I The Pleiadians are masters of etheric healing, so perhaps each one is individual anyway.

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    • Why is it that what we seem to “need” so often seems torturous? From “delicate” to “agony,” eeesch! But sounds like some healing may have come for you. (I’m kinda grimacing with joy for you, lol!)


    • I think as a collective we have had lifetimes with tortuous experiences. For me, emotional processing utilises grief. I clear the programme from my heart by clearing the emotional pain that anchored it there in the first place. I feel I am so close to completing the clearing of my emotional body and with it comes a certain freedom.

      I like what Lucia Rene wrote in her last newsletter….especially about the gurus and men on the spiritual patriarchal path. As one friend said “It explains why so many enlightened masters are still such jerks!”

      “Great spiritual masters and devoted monks developed ways to trick the emotional body—a body which actually plays an important role in the evolutionary process of feeling and integrating the stellar components. They found that they could override it, simply skate over all 12 dimensions that had been originally seeded into the experiment in consciousness, and catapult themselves directly into Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

      So the great Masters and monks of the ancient texts, during thousands of years in which the experiment in consciousness was lidded, used a work-around to bypass the Matrix, by employing the mind. Through the rigid discipline of the mental body, and highly structured spiritual practices, they were able to use their personal will to enter Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Beginning at whatever state of mind they had managed to stabilize, perhaps 4th or 5th dimensional consciousness, they could skate over the more formless dimensions and catapult themselves directly into Source.

      The problem with this “trick” is, that it is not until the integration of the more formless dimensions (7D through 12D), that your egoic structure fully dissolves. So while it was possible to attain Enlightenment, it was not a full-body Enlightenment, i.e., to some extent the ego still remained. And as the ego is what causes us to be triggered by another’s words or actions, then go into an emotional process, it means that, even after Enlightenment, we can continue to suffer”


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