Event Forecasting

I’ve only seen – lessee – 19 minutes of this hour-long video so far but already consider it share-worthy. It’s main topic is “event forecasting.” Also discussed is “why different people get different answers” re: topics when consulting oracles. Again, I’m only addressing how it starts.

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Its main topic is the trouble we get into when trying to pin a date on a cosmic event. (Something I for one have a bit of experience with –  ahem.) Worth a listen.

The “different answers for same questions” subject is one I’ve noticed on occasion over the years. For instance, I’ve talked on this blog about monthly sessions I once had with “my guides” via a certain channel.

These sessions were something I looked forward to in a big way when I was dealing with the vast mysteriousness of awakened kundalini. They were my primary go-to for guidance through that whole experience, as no one else in my universe could even dialogue with me on the subject, let alone share anything useful about it. I was in dire need of some seriously wise input!

Heck, I was in dire need of someone who knew what I was talking about in the first place!

I shared this particular channel with a few friends who were interested in a reading for themselves. My experience with her and these guides was so high level, so illuminating, and so extremely helpful when I was down a vast rabbit hole. Or maze of rabbit holes!

choices, options, alternatives, pathways, solutions

But to my astonishment, when a couple of friends reported back their experiences of their sessions with her, the material that came forth was incredibly… well… basic. I was stunned by what they received!

But I realized, they got the answers that suited their levels of spiritual or metaphysical understanding, and they were, in life, taking their very first baby steps, spiritually speaking.

I meanwhile was getting information that (at that time) seemed like graduate-level mystery school material that made my hair curl for good measure. So helpful for my prevailing circumstances. (Now, much of MY material received seems elementary after the passage of time.)

Point being: one size does not fit all. One flavor does not satisfy every palate. There are many many layers and flavors of “truth,” and many levels of awareness for the layers to sync with in order to make meaning accessible.

For instance: If you are seeking information of some sort from someone, and ask them a question about it, the first answer that they offer will typically be the most top-level response possible. It may be nowhere near the depth of the “meat of the matter” that you’re seeking. Ask a second time. Get a bit more of an answer.

Ask a third time, and (if they’re still with you, ha!) what they offer will likely be closer to what it is you’re really looking for.

This can also help filter out untruthful responses, if you get the intuitive hunch that someone isn’t being straight with you at the “entry level” of inquiry.

Anyway. Here’s the video of the “Unbiased and On the Fence”  interview between the ever-affable host, Shane, and his guest Lori Lothian.



2 comments on “Event Forecasting

  1. Compassion! Of course people want safety and out of the pain of their lives. In a way, I think the dates are good for us–it triggers that grasping for something to hold onto and believe in, which may cause people to look at it as a habit pattern as in this video. I hope that includes introspection about listening. Am I listening to what is actually being said or am I hearing what I want to hear? And about attachment. Am I staying open to the possibilities and perspectives or am I becoming attached to one outcome and perspective? Lisa Harrison and Allison Coe were very clear that they were just sharing their journey and they didn’t know what was going to happen. The dates given so far–I do think major things happened. It just didn’t necessarily look like people wanted it to. I don’t understand it all, but I feel massive energetic and planetary changes, upgrades, downloads. It’s overwhelming to integrate it all. But the one thing I’m clear on is that no one has done anything wrong. Not the people who wanted it to be more and were dissapointed or angry and not Lisa or Allison or Corey. It’s all just growing pains and healing crises. It’s a good conversation if we learn from it and compassion comes into play.  


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