The Multidimensional Virtues of Beauty

SPLENDID ANCIENT GREECE FACE OF BEAUTY SCULPTURE STATUE New video interview from Regina Meredith on a topic worth considering and enlivening in our lives: the importance of beauty to the soul. Brings to mind a course I took in college, Philosophy of the Beautiful. We would be much enriched by contemplating the ancient Greek culture – and this thoughtful conversation with Steven Ross.

Regina’s blurb:

How often do we hear that the world is be coming an uglier place? The anecdote to these feelings of despair is Beauty – Beauty in all of its forms. To say that Steven Ross is a mystic and healer is to barely scratch the surface of the wisdom he embodies. In this conversation, Steven explains the human need for Beauty for everything from our spiritual and creative development to healing what ails us. As one of my favorite people on Earth, Steven shares a deep understanding of a path that every human being can benefit from and find joy in.

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