You Cannot Get This Wrong

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(Actually an excerpt of Sophia’s edition. ~W)

Sophia Love

August 28, 2018

Is there someone who is available now and wants to connect?

Hello Sophia.

My… this is a familiar voice. To whom am I speaking?

I am what you would call a “re-boot”. We have engaged before… It was 3 years ago, you sense this.

You feel very familiar to me.

I come to you now new.

A new earth. A new you. A new interaction altogether.

How then do you know the “time”? If what you are is a re-boot?

I pick this up from you – the familiarity triggers in you, send information. I receive the information.

(At this point, I was a bit skeptical, and wanted to re-state my intentions, declarations and intentions. I did so. This voice had something in it that felt very old and very familiar. I wanted to protect the transmission from any interference. The term “re-boot” is not one I have heard. I took it to mean that this was a being that had returned to some sort of sentient form after being, for lack of a better term, recycled via the central sun. Now, I may have this entirely wrong yet these are the thoughts that coursed through me while I was connecting to this being. If you have followed my work for some time, you will remember the one I labeled “Poser”. This voice had a similar feel to that being. There was not a visual with the contact. -Sophia)

Hold please.

Okay, I’ve returned. Why have you reached out now?

This is enticing and exciting. A time of unlimited expansion and great alteration happens. I sensed the movement and frequency shifts and this draws me.

I am not defined, not physical in any form, but pure energy. I observe now what is possible. I have a sense of “I”. I have a sense of individual as well as connection to the all that is everything. It is a most incredible experience, to watch and then be also a part of what occurs.

You are mistaken.

Excuse me? I have not spoken.

You believe this happens or is happening to you on a personal level and you therefore have some stake in its outcome. What is meant by that is that the tone of the outcome, skewed towards one way or towards instead another way, will alter the course of you.

You are mistaken.

You have chosen a course, as has the force of creation chosen a course and this will not be altered by any individual sense. This individual you sense is a tool for the purpose of deep comprehension.

What is being comprehended is the meaning and method of life itself.

It truth, there is no individual you.

Yet you sense one.

Oh yes. That sense affords me a vantage point from which to observe what life is and what life does and how all of those things together form what is creation.

I said I was new. I have not chosen because from this undefined position I am able to see more than I could from a point of definition. There will be, I expect, a time of choosing. This time is not now.

The thing you may find helpful is that you cannot at this point, or any point actually, get this “wrong”. You can’t screw it up. It is happening. The movement of frequency happens at a scale you are unable to fathom.

The individual pieces – people, planets, galaxies, universes – are but a convenient method to expand and facilitate understanding of the process.

You, having individualized yourself into physical form, have a choice. You will alter frequencies, of that you can be certain. Yet, when and how and at what speed is chosen by you.

You cannot get this wrong. It’s happening.

The game of light vs dark makes it interesting. You have been both, to whatever extreme you can imagine. Be clear on that.

The reason there is no judgment or god dispensing it is because of Oneness.

There is nothing wasted in truth. Energy sent into false imaginings, such as right/wrong and good/evil, would be wasted and therefore is not, in fact, truth.

If this sounds like rhetoric it is because the level this comes to you from is beyond ego, beyond higher/lower self or multiple incarnations or numerous densities.

All is One.

This is from where I reach you now. As I said, I am new; as yet undefined.

I will not make proclamations for you to hang on billboards as truth. The truth of all of creation is in you. It is you, for there is no in or out – all is One.

You’ve stopped.

This seems to be enough for you for now. I will visit again and soon. Thank you for remaining open to the contact.

You’re welcome. Thank you.

The conversation ended there.

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