The Future of Money


Sharing an interview between Penny Kelly and Anja Schuetz, who started a youtube channel to discuss matters re: changes and potential changes coming to affect the current financial paradigm. If you’re  interested in the money segment exclusively, Anja has excerpted that portion and provides a separate link to it in her intro copy – numerous topics are touched upon in the full interview.

As you may be aware, Penny Kelly’s kundalini launched big-time nearly 40 years ago when she was a budding GM executive. This radical experience set her on an impressive and expansive journey (not in the auto industry!), and she’s authored numerous illuminating books about her experiences and understandings. I’m always interested to hear her take on a subject – she’s so down home and out-there brilliant at once.

I also feel moved to remind all that timelines are not only malleable, but multitude as well. Whole other discussion; just mentioning that foreseen events are not cast in stone! Prevailing consciousness is powerful and not to be underestimated.

Anja Schuetz’s blurb follows (I was tempted to make a few edits but left it intact), and below that is the video.

By the way, the three videos Anja linked are Penny’s interviews with Regina Meredith, which were posted on this blog when they became available within the last year.  ox:W

Penny Kelly ( is an author and spiritual director who had a Kundalini awakening around 40 years ago. Since then she has been fully conscious.

Part of being fully conscious is being able to see into the future. Back in the 80’s she was shown mostly the first 25 years of the new century – the times we live in now. But she has been as far as the year 2413, and has amazing things to share about it.

The focus of this interview is the subject of money, however we talked about many other related things as well. You can watch the condensed “money and cryptocurrency” version here:

This interview was done by Conscious Crypto Mentor Anja Schuetz of If you want to know about Penny’s awakening and background in more detail, I recommend watching this three part interview here: 1.… 2.… 3.…

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