Full Moon Focus: More Letting Go of Old Stories

If you’ve been feeling stuck in mud lately as I have… perhaps this message from Sandra Walter will give you a bit of an energetic boost. I’m feeling a need to let GO of a lot of fossilized mental & energetic “content.”  Seems I can unload old baggage… only to find a fresh load soon thereafter needing to be moved out of my field. Will spend some time today working on this with Full Moon energies. Peace to all…  ox:W

from Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

There is major activity happening with our Gateways in this Now. This is a day to honor, get clear and pay attention as the veils thin.

Gatekeepers have been busy with the Equinox passage, and today, with the Full Moon, you will feel the difference in your fields if you connect to Gaia and Solaris with your heart.

Your crystals will be taking on a new level of service – and we will learn a new way to utilize them. right now, they need to get outside in the light, on the ground. Mine have been out all week.

The interdimensional activity on, in and through Mount Shasta has been un-veiling a whole new level of expression and service for our Gateways and grid systems. This includes those who work with them, so be sure to pay attention, be with your Gate crystals as they unify with the Master crystals, and tap in for the Full Moon (7:54pm PDT tonight.)

This year has contained many collective tipping points for timeline drop-offs, unified choices and higher trajectories. An overview and *last quarter forecast* of the remaining Gates for this powerful year will be provided next weekend.

Kindwhile, assist and support the collective alignment at this Divine crossroads. It will show up in your own lifestream: whatever had attachments to the old timelines has no energetic support. Drop the karma, past stories, fears … and take an action toward the New in this Now.

Even one action in the direction of New Earth and Ascension will assist the adjustment of collective energies. Take a positive risk. An act of gratitude or generosity. Create something today, however small, that reflects our Ascended life on New Earth. Hold ceremony of renewal. If you are flattened by the influx, be flat outside.

This is a strong un-create and re-create in alignment phase. Release, purify, renew. Release, purify, renew.

A blessed Full Moon to us all. Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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