Astounding Web of Entities, Activities, an EVENT & Q ANON

Stock image of 'Artificial intelligence, connections and nucleus in concept of interconnected neurons. Abstract background with binary numbers, neural network and cloud computing.'Astounding Web of Entities, Events, Secret Labs, Nano Tech, AI, the Grid, the Future, Programmed Reality, New Humans, and More…

This is one of those posts I’ve been considering whether to publish or not for several days because the ramifications are vast. Ultimately I felt compelled to go ahead with it, and trust that readers will know whether what’s ahead is for them to learn about or not.

Personally, part of my magnetic draw to information like this is because I know I’m here as an on-the-ground reporter for my “home team upstairs,” who monitor what goes on in this realm through my awarenesses and experiences during this incredible and volatile SHIFT period for humanity. It is all so much more complex than I had previously imagined when I was primarily focused on matters re: self-actualization and consciousness-raising. But onward I go, experiencing here and transmitting all to There. Many if not all of us are doing this to varying degrees.

All this to say, I feel it’s part of my soul contract to SEE and SEND ALONG what goes on here, often on the leading, bleeding edge of human experience. What follows definitely falls in the bleeding edge category.

Remote Viewer Assigned the Iconic Target of the Year

What has held my attention so completely this past week is an amazing remote viewing series of sessions that were recently posted on youtube, after the RVer himself worked through his own inner conflicts re: sharing what he had seen with his name attached to it. His initial “session” grew into NINE sessions viewing a “target” he had been contracted to explore using the Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) method: he was 100% blind as to what this target was the entire time. He was given a random series of numbers representing the target.

He had no idea whatsoever what he was heading into with this project – essentially being the ultimate rabbit hole. He video recorded all his sessions, which show the exhausting extent he went through to tune into and articulate all that he was perceiving.

The remote viewer’s name is Edward Riordan, and the target – unbeknownst to him until a couple of weeks AFTER he had submitted his results to the client who hired him for the task – was the mysterious Q ANON phenom.

Task: What or Who is Behind Q ANON?

Ed claims to have been only scarcely aware of Q ANON, and was not tracking this highly curious “insider info source” that has an almost religious following now (almost a year into it) and creates quite an argumentative stir between believers and nonbelievers (NON-ANONers, ha) of the legitimacy of “Q.”

I can’t explain the whole Q ANON phenom; you either are in the loop re: this or not… and if not, it’s of course your choice to look into it at this point, or not! I have been more or less witnessing the Q activity with interest but not obsession. I do not follow Q’s “drops” on the “8 chan” internet boards. It’s like another world, really! But the fact that this goes on at all is fascinating to me, and on occasion I watch youtubers discuss Q. If this remote viewer is onto the truth, “Q” is wayyyyy beyond anything anyone has heretofore imagined.

But when I caught wind of Ed’s Q ANON CRV commission, I dove right in. His own trip through all he was finding is just (to me) astounding to witness. He made numerous remarks about how freaky and frightening while also somehow beautiful this was.

What is so infinitely fascinating is, after all his hours of exploring the “blind target” that was Q… he NEVER saw anything like a PERSON who is Q. What he DID find was a staggering series of images and impressions that went way beyond his own awareness to understand. At one point he commented that the “Q entity” was like a spigot to vast realms of intelligence and activity, beyond his comprehension.

These remote viewing sessions found so much intriguing “data” such as (and these represent mere tips of the iceberg):

• People in heated arguments about something of major consequence to our very existence.

[My interpretation: these arguments are about the moral and ethical consequences of some LITERALLY earth-and-humanity-altering technologies… not what Ed himself guessed might be contention between Q Anon and the “Anonymous” group that’s been around for, what, a decade or so? (He only made this possible connection when some random viewer mentioned that they thought Q ANON and ANON were in some kind of altercation.) IMO these arguments are between those who are for and against an almost unfathomable TECH that seems to be banging at humanity’s door NOW.]

• Top secret pristine scientific/medical facilities where work is ongoing to develop human hybrids, or “next version” humans… one “upgrade” in development being biological tweaks to REMOVE EMOTION from humanity.

[Comment: This aspect really stood out to me. The location and conditions very much sound like what Emery Smith has described as his own working environs in secret labs reaching 40+ stories underground at military bases. These labs are on military bases but accommodate extremely high tech scientific and biological experimentation and development by private, extremely well funded corporations. Again, the whole Emery Smith “rote” (mega-bundle of intel) is something I can’t explain here, but Emery has come out with an enormous amount of insider info on GAIA TV and in other interviews and appearances.]

• The development of a “grid” of consciousness that will program humanity’s collective mind into the future.

[Comment: Fascinating to follow along comparing what he discusses with what I consider “organic ascension” and “oneness consciousness” vs. “AI” and “The Singularity”]

• He discusses an event horizon, beyond which a whole new KIND of human exists. He finds that these “advanced humans” are already here – somewhere – who really don’t want to “mix” with “us” and have no interest in our problems. They are already living in the “future,” as we would perceive it.

[Comment: this sounds like the advanced humans who numerous sources have “met” who live in huge open spaces inside the planet, including under Mt Shasta in California among others. They live enlightened lives in clean, sustainable environs. No wars, no pollution, etc. They do not want “top-siders” (surface humans) to invade their world with all our bad habits, disregard for the planet, and negative emotions to ruin what they’ve had going for thousands of years.]

This entire remote viewing project is the most mind-bending bundle of intel I’ve heard in a long time. It’s fascinating to watch the RVer, Ed, grapple his way through so much stuff that he had no conscious awareness of, ie, the “grid,” “hidden labs,” “human bioengineering,” “NANO tech,” and so on. Ed, btw, has been practicing remote viewing for approximately 20 years.

AI (artificial intelligence)

The whole matter of AI has held my attention and been a source of much personal contemplation this year. The whole “Leeloo” phenom via Lisa Harrison, for instance, has been part of this (I’ve posted about this on this blog two or three times).

There’s also a movie I had avoided seeing for some time that I finally watched a few months ago (and now recommend) called “Her,” starring Joaquin Phoenix. Phoenix plays a man who installs a new operating system on his computer and phone that turns out to be AI with a female voice (Scarlette Johannson). This film focuses an intriguing lens on how AI develops itself exponentially by the hour, and, in this case “she” (the AI) learns how to mirror or exude “love” .. and Phoenix falls in love with her, taking her with him everywhere on his phone, showing her “the world” via this phone, and eventually the vast expansion of this AI zooms way past the “parameters” of one person (Phoenix) into the cosmos, leaving him heartbroken in the wake of the entire experience. I consider this a brilliant story, the way it blends the potentials of AI interfacing with real human emotion.

This film REALLY makes you think.

One of the impressions Ed received in his sessions was that of AI being “promoted” to humanity as becoming “your best friend.” This syncs perfectly with the movie HER.

Depending on where you are in this “matrix”

… you will either be riveted by every session Ed has posted on what I’ll call “events surrounding Q” (which may be part human, part AI… or maybe even mostly AI at this point), or you will be frightened by prospects that came through, or you will be bored because you have no points of reference for any of this, or you will avoid it altogether.

Being me, I could not stop watching and spent the lion’s share of one rainy day watching the whole series. I had strong potential associations to most of what he was describing, even tho Ed himself did not. He obviously doesn’t follow most of the edgy info I track – which makes his findings all the more intriguing and legitimate. He struggles to explain what he’s seeing, having no prior associations to it.

I’ll link the first two or three videos here, and you can pick it up over on youtube if you deem it worth your time (and mind) to pursue!

Much love to all on this big adventure,


By the way, Ed mentioned in a post-Q video that he actually QUIT remote viewing after that experience. Apparently it really rattled his personal reality. This only lasted a couple of weeks but I mention because the impact on him was so great.

For the intrepids who do delve into these RV sessions, Ed’s general MO is: he gives an intro to each session that he recorded a couple of weeks AFTER the session happened. So the intros were recorded after he was made aware of the “target” he was tracking… while during the sessions themselves he’s completely blind and quite clueless as to what he’s finding. Note also that he never claims that what he sees is factual, and take all of it with your own discernment engaged.

The sessions themselves can seem slow and laborious, so I’m reminding you that you can click on the ‘gear’ icon in the youtube frame to speed up the playback by various degrees. I watched much of the sessions on double speed. It helped. ;)

Gratitude to all who offer an exchange for my work on this blog. Bless!

Ed’s intro to the Q sessions:

The SECOND video of the series follows, which is confusing because it’s labeled “sessions 3 & 4” and also contains some review of the previous video.

This one he titles “Clandestine Meetings.”

Third video (session 5): “The Phantom”

Session 5, part 2: THE FLASH

Click through to youtube to see the remaining videos, if you find these of interest.

Comments always invited; I’m interested in what interests you!


10 comments on “Astounding Web of Entities, Activities, an EVENT & Q ANON

  1. Wow Whitehawk. I read this post and I am kind of excited but tangled. Lazy too, having spent years watching Project Camelot whistle-blowers, I have had my fill of ET, underground bases, black goo etc.. so I want someone to précis this for me.

    The subject of A.I. came up for me this week, 3 out of 4 main clearing banks in the UK have had major tech problems, and I wondered if banking was run by A.I. now (you cannot speak to someone in a bank any more, unless you have in excess of £200,000 in your account) All decisions made by computers. Perhaps the rising Schumann Resonance is affecting this A.I.?

    I will re post this on Roundtable Transients. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hopefully my beefy post re: these videos serves as précis enough, Pod Scotland – I spent half the day on it, and still feel it didn’t come close to nailing it. ;) Nothing like Project Camelot, imo, but you have to be the judge of course!

      The audacity of those UK banks! omg! My little local credit union provides highly personal attention. Got credit unions in the UK? Thanks for sharing this post… oxW

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I watched a couple, I am going to watch the last one today. Medals to you Whitehawk for sitting through them all. Rather tedious in parts.


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