Stewarding Death – A Sacred Service

Image result for elizabeth wilcockThe Vimeo linked at the end of this post is of Elizabeth Wilcock (David Wilcock’s wife) discussing death and sharing a bit about her personal journey along the way. I relate to her in her lifelong pursuit of mystical wisdom, and I find her to possess poise, clarity, and integrity to her personal path. Unfortunately this particular video is privatized so as not to be able to embed here… you will have to click through to Vimeo using the link below.

Meanwhile, I AM posting a beautiful video of Elizabeth (Beth) singing ‘Angel Songs’ (invoking angels to help her father pass over), a lovely 2-minute experience. The link to her 44-minute talk (and intro to a 3-week class she’s teaching in Nov) follows below.

Angel Songs

Death As An Act of Power

In this talk, we explore death from the persecutive of an eternal soul on an eternal timeline and how this restructures our ideas of this divine appointment.

I also share:

  • My Near Death Experience and how it transformed my life.
  • Midwifing my father’s death and how it inspired me to share with others how to be present for the dying.
  • Details of my latest course on Stewarding Death.

In honor of my father’s birthday, I like to share the sacred teachings around death as we shared this most precious transition together. Many people try to ignore death, but it can be one of the most precious moments to share with a soul.

Helping my father navigate his death inspired me to create the program I offer to you now. The teachings in my Stewarding Death Program are designed to empower you to be a blessing at the time of death for yourself and others.

See Elizabeth’s Stewarding Death talk here:

Her website:


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